Good News Apple Lovers! iPhone 6 Benchmarked With iOS 9 Test

As an Apple enthusiast, you will agree that you have two reasons to celebrate the year. The first one arrives in June when your favourite iPhone manufacturer debuts the latest iOS platform version during the Worldwide Developers Conference held annually. The second reason is generally during the end of summer or during early fall season while Apple is releasing its iOS along with the latest model of its much celebrated iPhone. Last year, we had high hopes about Apple releasing both the devices, namely iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. However, the manufacturer has not made any official conformation about its new releases on the pipeline this year.

Even though it is the beginning of the year, Apple is working hard with its latest iOS 9 as it has planned to offer few major enhancements to this platform. This is well evident through the benchmark test results which reveal that iPhone is testing an early version of the much touted iOS9 for the very first time. The fresh Rightware benchmarking has offered us the details that the iPhone 6 is testing the successor of iOS 8.

Based on the news source reports, the next generation Apple software is at the testing stage right now. This news also indicates that since the iOS 9 is under testing phase, Apple might have an aim to launch the developer edition as a preview when the summer begins. Earlier, it has also released a developer preview version of iOS 8 during the summer season. While you are reading this article, the features of ioS 9 are not revealed. However we can understand that the iPhone 6’s performance with iOS 9 would be not be much different than the devices performance with its predecessor.

If we remember clearly, a screenshot of the Google Analytics showed that the company in Cupertino was working with the latest iOS version. It also told us that some Apple employees have been using iOS9 test builds in two months time after the iOS 8 release. Some sources also state that iOS 9 would first hit the market on the latest iPhone this year and later it would be a preloaded feature in the iPad (next generation). Some of the unannounced Apple iPads that will have this impressive software would be iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 3, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Coming to the benchmark database of Rightware, the leak about the performance of iOS 9 brings both good news and bad news for Apple buffs.

The bad news is that the leak does not indicate that the release would be much quicker than in June as we have not been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the first iOS 9 beta before the annual event, WWDC. And the good news is that as the iOS 9 details is available much early, it indicates that its performance would be much better like its sibling running on iPhone 6.

Based on the tests that were conducted, the iPhone 6 that run on iOS 6 grabbed a 1600.06 score in Basemark OS II test by Rightware. The iPhones that run on iOS 8 have also got a score ranging from 1264.65 to 1620.94 in a similar test. Impressive isn’t it?


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