Recover Lost Text Messages, Photos, Videos after iOS 10 Upgrade

Method to Recover Lost Data from iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade:
If you have failed to update your iPhone to iOS 10, or if you found that lost most files from your iPhone/iPad after upgrade to iOS 10. Many iOS users may lost many important text messages, videos, photos, contacts, calendar, note or apps from their iPhone touch after iOS 10 Upgrade, then, how can you restore those lost text messages from iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade? Can I get back lost photos from iPhone 4/4/S5/5/6/6S/Plus after upgrade to iOS 10?

Here, we will show you the useful third-party iOS Data Recovery software tool. Whit this iOS Data Recovery software we can easily retrieve lost contacts, videos, text messages, photos, calendar, apps, note and more from your iOS 10 iPhone.

You can try to download the trail version button below for free:


Use Guide to Recover lost data from iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade:

Step 1:Download the iOS Data Recovery software and install it on your PC

First of all, Download, install and launch the iOS Data Recovery program on your computer. Connecting your device to your computer with USB cable,it will shows you the window for "Recover from iOS Device".

After then follow the instruction in the window to enter device scanning mode: Hold your device, then click the Start button > Hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time for exactly 10 seconds > Release the Power button but keep the Home button pressed.

Step 2: Scan those lost data from your iPhone/iPad

Simply click the "Start Scan" button to let this program scan your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to scan for deleted or lost data. During the scanning, if you see the lost data you are looking for, then you can click the "Pause" button to stop the process.

Step 3: Preview and recover lost data from your iPhone


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How to Transfer Pictures, Videos from iPad/iPhone to iPad Pro?

How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S?


How to Transfer Pictures, Videos from iPad/iPhone to iPad Pro?

Part 1: iPad Pro or will replace the most popular iPad2 tablet

[Abstract] Some media and analysts believe that, iPad Pro for Apple's significance, even in the future is likely to replace the popular iPad 2 position.

iPad Pro after the sale, the sale is not expected to like the warm, currently accounts for only 0.03% iPad share of the total. However, some media and analysts believe that, iPad Pro for Apple's significance, even in the future is likely to replace the popular iPad 2 position.

Effectively deal with "flat mobile phone"

iPad Pro not only has a larger screen and powerful hardware, stylus, removable keyboard for iPad products bring a new experience, more emphasis on ability to work, this change can be avoided, "flat mobile phone" on the tablet to a certain extent PC market erosion.

More in line with the current trend flat

According to market research data show that large-screen device users can effectively increase application time. In fact, iPad Pro has fully proved this point, the average application iPad Pro models use five minutes longer than the other, which is obviously a positive phenomenon. This means that, iPad Pro is likely to replace occupy 20% market share of the iPad 2, the most popular models.

Part 2: Tutorial - How to Transfer Pictures, Videos from iPad/iPhone to iPad Pro?

According to statistics, there are already 64% iPhone, 54% iPad upgraded to iOS 9, the installation rate is satisfactory. iOS 9 brings new PIP, multi-task interface, and these latest features have the best effect on iPad Pro, give full play to the characteristics of its large screen. Meanwhile, third-party software vendors will also bring many creative iPad Pro, business applications, with iOS appeal, is expected to form a huge market, iPad Pro fully tap the potential in the business field.

If you have own your iPad Pro, not only you but also others iPad users may have the problem that how to copy all the photos and videos from old iPad, iPhone to new iPad Pro device, so, do you want to move all data from iPhone, iPad to new iPad Por? Do you want to transfer pictures and videos from your old iPhone, iPad to iPad Pro? Or how can i transfer contacts, calendar from old iPhone, iPad to the new iPad Pro?

Lots of users have shared this Mobile Data Transfer software tool to their friends on FB. As we know, Mobile Data Transfer can transfer contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, calendar, notes, apps and more from old iOS device to new iPad Pro easily. Wanna to backup any data from iPad to computer? you can use this iPad Data Manager to transfer data from iPad to computer just one click, too.

You can try to download the free trail version below:


Articles Steps to Transfer Pictures, Videos from iPad/iPhone to new iPad Pro:

Step 1: Download and install the mobile transfer on your computer

Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer". Connect your iPad and iPad Pro to the computer via two use cable.

Step 2: Please connect your two iPad to the same PC.

You should connect your old iPad or iPhone and iPad Pro to the same computer with two USB cable. After they detected by the program, you will see they placed as "Source" and "Destination" phone. You must make sure that they are in the right place, or you can use the "Flip"button to change their positions.

Step 3: Select the photos, videos, and transfer them from old iPad to iPad Pro

If you want to transfer your photos, videos , you should check photos and videos only. As you can see, you are able to transfer calendar, photos, videos, contacts, etc. between two different iPads. Choose the photos, videos you want and click on "Start Copy" button.


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Recover Lost Data Contacts from iPhone/iPad after iOS 9.2 Update or Jailbreak

How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S?


Recover Contacts Photos from iPhone after iOS 10.1.1 Update/Jailbreak

As we push further away from the initial iOS 10.1.1 beta release date, we’re starting to learn more and more about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus iOS 10.1.1 updates. It's still early in the process but we can learn a lot from a single beta update.

With that in mind, we want to take you through the important things to know, right now, about the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plud, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.1.1 updates.

Recover Lost Data from iPhone or iPad after iOS 10.1.1 Update/Jailbreak including contacts, text messages, apps, photos, videos, notes, calendar:

With the continuous development of Apple, now you can easily upgrade or update your iPhone’s old iOS system to the new one with a click. Wanting to update your iPhone 5/5S/6/6S/Plus/7 to iOS 10.1.1, or planning to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 10? Believe that this is a piece of cake for you. However, many users reflect that their data is lost after iOS update. If you failed update to iOS 10.1.1,it may cause erase any data on your iPhone or iPad,however,how can you recover erased data from iPhone after iOS 10.1.1 updating? This use guide teach you a easy use guide to get back lost data from iPhone after iOS 10.1.1 update or jailbreak.

iOS Data Recovery Software tool is designed for the usrs to restore lost files including contacts, SMS, notes, videos, pictures, calendar, apps and more from iPhone iPad after iOS 10.1.1 update or jailbreak

Here, you can download the free trail version below and have a try:


Easy Way to Recover Lost Data Contacts from iPhone after iOS 10.1.1 Update:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer after install the Recovery Software

Run iOS Data Recovery on your computer after installation, then take out your iPhone or iPad’s USB cable to connect it with the program. Once your iPhone/iPad is detected by the software, in the pop-up main interface, by default, your device is in the “Recover from iOS Device” mode, according to the prompt, please click “Start Scan” to let the program scanning and analyzing your iPhone, iPad.

Step 2: Scanning the lost data from your iPhone or iPad touch

Step 3: Preview and recover lost data or contacts from iPhone iPad

When the scan is finished, you can preview all found data before recovery. Choose “Contacts” to preview, mark it and click “Recover”, you can save all the contents on your computer with one click.
The data found here includes deleted data and those still on your iPhone, iPad. If you only want back your lost ones, you can refine the scan result by using the slide button on the top to only display the deleted items.


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iOS 9.2 Update

Apple pushed out its big iOS 9.1 update just yesterday and the company is already testing iOS 9.2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch internally.

As we push away from the iOS 9.2 beta release, we're starting to get more feedback from those testing the first version of the iOS 9.2 update. And so far, it looks like results are mixed.

Apple today seeded the first beta of iOS 9.2 to developers for testing purposes, just under a week after the public release of iOS 9.1. iOS 9.1 brought new emoji and several under-the-hood fixes for issues that have plagued users since the launch of iOS 9.

The iOS 9.2 beta is available for download immediately from the Apple Developer Center, and it's likely a public beta will be available in the near future. There's also an Xcode 7.2 beta available.

(Recover Lost Data from iPhone after iOS Update)

It is not yet known what changes iOS 9.2 will bring to Apple's newest operating system, iOS 9, but as a major .1 update, iOS 9.2 is likely to introduce new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. We'll update this post with any changes that are discovered in the beta.

What's new in iOS 9.2 

According to the release notes the Safari view window that pops up in some apps will now support third-party Action Extensions. Any Action Extension that works in Safari will also work in SFSafariViewController, allowing it to behave more like the traditional Safari app.

In the Hipchat app for iOS, clicking a link brings up an in-app browser. In iOS 9.1, seen on the left, there's no option for third-party extensions. In iOS 9.2, seen on the right, there's support for third-party extensions like 1Password.

Long tapping on the Reload button in the Safari View Controller in a Safari window within an app will also offer options to reload content without content blockers and request desktop site. These options have long existed in the actual Safari app, but are new to the Safari browser used within apps.

Using the same Hipchat example as above, when tapping the refresh icon at the top, I can now hold down to bring up an option to request desktop site or load content without a content blocker. In iOS 9.1, pressing on the refresh icon does nothing.

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How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S?

Part 1: iOS News

Since the iPhone 6s listed, the problem has continued, traced chip door, camera Caton ...... now has a new problem. According to Japanese media reports, Apple users reflect that, iPhone 6s appeared overnight charging automatically restart problem.

There are users that want to unlock the phone the morning but found Touch ID is not available, then it appears "need to re-enter the password after reboot" reminder, so he speculated that the phone automatically restart in the night before.

Users at home and abroad will continually reflect this situation, it seems iPhone 6s automatic restart has become a problem at night, is not alone. Then we look at what the situation may cause iPhone 6s at night automatically restart: Turn flight mode, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection will automatically restart; turn off Wi-Fi and 4G cellular network connection automatically after restart; iOS 9.0.2 after the escape, at night charging automatically restart.

As for the automatic restart of the reason may be due to a variety of complex situations due. There may be reasons for the system, there may be reasons to jailbreak Apple users, there may be a hardware problem. In the end is what causes of, how will solve, but also Apple's official answer is given.

Part 2: Tutorial - How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S?

When you get a new iPhone 6S, you may want to transfer photos from the old iPhone 4/4S to the new iPhone 6S. By doing it, you can easily scan your pictures on the new bought iPhone 6S. But how to accomplish the transfer process? We will show you two powerful third-party iPhone to iPhone Photos Transfer tools to fix the problem easily.

The name of the tool is Mobile Transfer- iPhone to iPhone Photos Transfer for Windows or for Mac. This program is a great tool designed for transferring data between various devices running different operating systems such as iOS, Android and Symbian. You are able to transfer pictures between your two iPhones with the help of the program with just one click.


Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S:

Step 1. Download & Launch Mobile Transfer on your PC

The first step you have to take is to download and install Mobile Transfer on PC. When you launch the program, the main window will show in front of you. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer mode to continue the process.

Step 2 Connect old iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 6S to PC after launching the program – Mobile Transfer on your computer, you will see your iPhones displayed as below, source device on the left and the destination one on the right.

Step 3 Copy Pictures between iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 6s After both the phone connected well connected, all the data will be listed between the two devices. You can tick the one you want to transfer and click “Start Copy”.


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New Apple patent: iPhone with a hydrophobic surface charge increase

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office patent documents released, Apple entitled "By opening the liquid discharge" of a new method of discharging liquid through every speaker made a description.

Apple patent document describes, this method is mainly acoustically conductive element inside the device (speakers or a microphone inside) surface charge distribution to achieve the effect by changing the hydrophobic treatment is. Currently, Apple through a dense network structure to prevent intrusion of the liquid, but in the case of exceeding a certain pressure, there is still the risk of failure. In addition, depending on the temperature and humidity, these internal components presence of moisture condensation phenomenon, this is not a good thing for those sensitive electronic device is.

Apple explained that the presence of these acoustic modules located inside the sensor will detect moisture, and realize the rest is dependent on the existing acoustic sensors. If the acoustic module detects liquid intrusion, arranged in the cavity wall will be energized conductor. And based on the surface charge of different polarity, hydrophobicity individual areas will change. For example, a positive charge may degrade the performance of a hydrophobic region, and negative charge would have the opposite effect, the liquid discharge opening.

By strategically change the charge conductor surface arrangement, the system is able to collect the liquid and move under the circumstances, this method can be conveyed to a water discharge orifice. Protective net can also adopt a similar strategy to speed up the whole process.

Finally, Apple said, the speaker drive unit can also play its part in this process by entering the performance of acoustic energy pulses, the liquid expelled.

Yet unclear whether Apple intends to apply this new thinking on their own products, but the company's product already has a certain degree of water resistance.


How to Recover Disappeared Contacts on iPhone 6S

"I am asking for help to recover my iPhone 6S disappeared data, my iPhone 6S was update to iOS 9.1 by myself. But I do not know what happened, and then I found some contacts after update to iOS 9.1 my iPhone 6S have been deleted . I can’t find my some contacts anymore. It is very important for me to recover them. Whether have you any method to help me to recover my lost contacts from my update iPhone6S"-asked by Sunny.

While if you don’t have any backup files in iTunes or iCloud before,If you lost some important contacts by mistaken deletion or after update iOS, you can use this iPhone Contacts Recovery – iPhone 6S Data Recovery, which is a professional data recovery assistant can help you you to retrieve lost or deleted Contacts from iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 directly. What’s more, it also allows you get other deleted files back from iPhone 6S in three recovery modes,it supports recovery data including Contacts, MMS, Whatsapp messages, Notes, Call logs,Photos, Songs,Videos,Call history,ect. Let’s show you the use guide to directly recover Contacts on iPhone 6S for example.


Easy way to Recover Disappeared Contacts from iPhone 6S:

Step 1: Choose right Recovery Mode and Scan iPhone 6S

Connect your iPhone 6S to your computer and open iPhone Data Recovery program. There are three recovery modes on the interface. Just choose “Recover from Devices”. Then click on”Start Scan” button.

Step 2: Find lost contacts on iPhone 6S Then click on the “Start Scan” button appearing in the window to scan your iPhone 6S device. Don’t disconnect your iPhone during the scanning process.

Step 3: Preview the data and recover contacts on iPhone 6S

After the scan, you can preview all the contents of your iPhone 6S, including messages, iMessages, contacts, etc on the left. Then mark the “Contacts” option on the left side and click “Recover” to save them on your computer. You can see the search box on the top right interface, so you can search for the exact contact you want.


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iPhone 7 will be equipped with 4-inch compact version

Foreign media once again came to do four inches Apple iPhone rumors. With Hou Kaiji Securities (KGI Securities) analyst Kuo Ming-pool also released a similar message. Nicknamed the "World's Best Apple analyst," the Kuo Ming-pool in a report revealed that Apple will launch a four-inch entry-level iPhone 7.

Kuo Ming-pool said, this iPhone pricing or four inches lower, but the body will not use plastic materials used iPhone 5c, and the use of metal materials, and equipped and iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus the same "A9" process device. In addition, this new machine is likely not equipped with the latest 3D Touch function.

Considering his prediction has always been accurate, the iPhone 7 Release 4 inches versions of the message is likely to come true. In 2015, after another phone screen 4.7 inches, 5.0 inches starting today, if Apple really Release 4.0 inches version, it seems very outdated. However, various factors, the launch version of the iPhone 7 4.0 inches and very worth understanding. Whether all angles user habits, market factors, product layout point of view, a version of the iPhone 7 4.0 inches are reasonable existence.

4 inch closer look at the market, no one except the iPhone

Throughout the entire smartphone market, still selling the screen is 4.3 inches or 4.5 inches below the phone is almost only Apple and Microsoft. Although Microsoft has Lumia series of ultra-low-end machine sits one hundred yuan, but the basic configuration of the lower, functional defects, weakness and Apple in 2013 launched the campaign today still in the market veteran iPhone 5s match. Some kind of perspective, the entire market and can also be used in the sale of 4-inch intelligent machines just iPhone 5s so a it.

More noteworthy is that, iPhone 5s Apple's total sales in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 (ie in 2014 Q4), the only accounts to 10%, but the proportion in the second quarter, actually jumped by 20% . IPhone 5s visible degree of popularity high. A few days ago called "big-screen phone Sturm und Drang years, mobile phones are gradually returning to the small screen? "The article, the author referred to the current mobile phone market, a large part of the small screen in power attracted the lack of choice screen user problems. The article got a lot of iPhone 5s user's identity, showing that small screen strong machine on the market is indeed still has a lot of fans.

For this part of Apple's past personally nurtured user habits and market size, Apple naturally will not give up easily. IPhone 7 launched in September next year when, according to the law in the past Apple's product line, iPhone 5s will be the shelves. Who will fill the gap in this market segment is particularly crucial. In this case, a 4.0 inches version of iPhone 7 seized the opportunity, in fact just right.

Even Kuo Ming-pool also believes that the market demand is still the iPhone's small screen presence, from the first half of 2016, Apple will begin mass production of small-screen iPhone. In other words, this small screen iPhone or one of the new generation of iPhone will be available as a series published in September 2016.

Such an iPhone 7 and the iPhone 5s before the old users, is an acceptable and in line with demand. For Apple, such a product is a card 4.0 inches, dominate the small-screen market of defense for. Apple's future in the small-screen market can still unrivaled in the world.

And as a wingman, the backdrop of Apple empire glory

Thus a 4.0-inch iPhone 7 and the iPhone 5s before the old users, is an acceptable and in line with demand. Apple empire is concerned, it is a big brother to bring the status of "wingman." Such a positioning of the product and the iPhone 5c was basically the same.

Recalling the 2013 with the launch of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, in a sense is what Cook is to increase sales to go a good move. Through a variety of promotional efforts for six months, people on the iPhone 5c impression totally stay in cheap level, when the conference was held, iPhone 5c meaning eye-popping. At the same time, revolutionary iPhone 5s will be more people concerned, and it must be a priority under comparison, so that iPhone 5s in no other brand mobile phone case has been set off promotion to promote its own brand, which is the library g to go one step wonderful chess, had praised his talent for marketing.

From the perspective of absolute sales point of view, iPhone 5c of bleak also just relative to the Big Brother iPhone5s, compared with the same period of the flagship Android and Windows Phone camp, iPhone 5c still dominate. March 2014, AppleInsider website quoted sources as saying the fourth quarter of 2013, sales of iPhone 5c actually exceeded four months listing all Android flagship phone, reaching 12 million. Samsung Galaxy S4 to 9,000,000, Nokia WindowsPhone phone to 8.2 million, LG G2 is only 2.3 million.

4.0 inches of the iPhone 7 iPhone flagship machine as "wingman" role is to raise the status of flagship, Apple set off the glory of the empire. Seen in this light, Apple introduced 4.0-inch iPhone7 likely purpose is iPhone 5c, as do a "card bit of work." Reference iPhone 5c though quickly plummeted 3,000 yuan price stall after the listing, 4.0-inch iPhone 7 will be able to play on the 4000-5000 yuan file Andrews flagship machine, at 2000-3000 yuan Andrews hit mid-range models, a large extent, played the role of a card and pinned in the market.

Kuo Ming-pool even claimed that Apple has a 4-inch iPhone 7 set sales targets before the end of the year from 20 million to 30 million of. Although the current forecast premature, but the contrast reference iPhone 5c listed four months before the end of the sales volume of 12 million, so an iPhone 7 will probably be more attractive.


For Apple, 4 inches, 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches combination models can achieve full coverage of the market, which for the rich product line, covering a larger market crowd also helped. If iPhone7 be a series of high-end flagship model, the low-end models and then make a killer, covering 2000-6000 yuan market, the competition for every siege to achieve a comprehensive coverage of high-low groups, sub-groups to deal with more and needs of the market segments. IPhone7 such a change might really bring the mobile phone market upside down.

Of course, this possibility is very small, if Apple really need to rely on low prices to grab market, this weakness will probably be Apple's innovative low-cost which is only a trick to it.


Apple in "Singles" sale 12.9 inches iPad Pro

According to the US technology blog 9to5mac reports, there are more than familiar with the matter sources, Apple plans to begin from November 11 to sell 12.9 inches iPad Pro through its retail stores and online stores.
Manage your iPad with iPad Pro Data Transfer and iPad Pro Data Recovery
Apple has previously said only that such a large size iPad will begin shipping in mid-November, after the company released in early September of this product. The source also said, iPad Pro Accessories Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard will also be on sale in November 11.

12.9 inches iPad Pro will sell for $ 799 since version offers 32GB and 128GB, only supports WiFi network. LTE (Long Term Evolution) compatible version is available only 128GB memory version, priced at more than $ 1,000.

9to5mac has reported that earlier this week, Apple iPad Pro support staff training will be completed before November 6. If the above is true, then this means that support staff in less than a week before the iPad Pro listed only be completed such training.

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How to Recover Lost Calendar After iOS Update

Part 1: iOS News - iOS9.2 beta start: or introduced together with the iPad Pro

According to foreign media 9to5Mac reports, access to the data by tracking web page that, iOS 9.2 devices increased significantly in the last 10 days of access frequency, or means that Apple is stepping up on the next update of the test efforts.

Previously there have been a lot of speculation to wait for iOS 9.1 to iPad Pro or is listed on the eve of the listing will be released, but now it seems, iOS 9.0.x too many loopholes in the system that can not wait until the time for Apple. Apple iPad Pro is still not revealed the specific launch date, but if the speed according to the current software update, the new device should be pre-installed iOS 9.1, it can be said iOS "insurance" after 9.2 is ready for a new device to market.(Recover Lost iPhone Contacts, Photos after Update to iOS 9.1 Beta)

Apple plans to convene the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015 earnings conference on the 27th of this month, when in addition to the announced iPhone, iPad, Mac sales data and other product lines in the previous quarter, Apple will be on the future of a number of marketing or product development policy issues make answer, then we may know iPad Pro specific launch date and the starting list.

As for the iOS 9.2 update includes what features will be added to what kind of function, is still a mystery. The official release of iOS 9.1, in addition to a series of bug fixes outside also joined the more than 150 kinds of new emoticons.

Part 2: Tutorial - How to Recover Lost Calendar After iOS Update?

Some people always lost their calendar events after iOS update, it can be very worrying if you can’t remember everything that you had in your schedule. This can happen accidentally, or could even be due to a technical issue such as an iOS upgrade losing your calendar events. If you find yourself in this situation, then you are probably reading this and wondering if and how you can recover the deleted calendar events on your iPhone. However there is no need to worry.

In response, I advised him to solve the problem with iOS Data Recovery as a trial. And it works. As my friend said,"iOS Data Recovery primary helps recovering data with calendar included from iPhone, iPad, iPod. It restores my deleted schedule items such as my appointments, work, task and etc. A simple but useful software!" Yes, to share the tutorial of recovering lost calendar from iPhone 6s/6s Plus, here we are. Please download a free version and learn by following the steps.


Recover Lost Calendar from iPhone after iOS 9.1/iOS 9.2 and more new iOS system Update step by step:

Step 1. Select right mode and connect your iPhone

Take iPhone for an example. First, connect your iPhone to computer. Then run the program and wait few seconds.

Step 2: Analyze and scan your calendar from iPhone

Once your iPhone is recognized, you can see the information of your device on the primary window, now you can click on “Start Scan” to let the program analyze and scan the lost data from your iPhone.

Step 3: Preview and recover lost calendar from iPhone

You can preview all found data before recovery after the scanning. Choose “Calendar” to preview, then mark the ones you wanted and click “Recover” button to save them on your computer easily.



Analysts predicted that iPhone 7: ultra-narrow border no Home button