iOS10 official push to prevent the phone from brick can read this article

Apple today face all users push the official version iOS 10 system. This is a user-written introductory article, the upgrade process to prevent accidents.

(How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone after iOS 10 Upgrade

0 Applicable models can be upgraded to iOS10 devices include: iPhone series minimum support to iPhone 5, iPad series to support a minimum of four generations of iPad and iPad mini 2, iPod touch only supports six generations;

A second push updates through the phone "Settings - General - Software Update" for wireless upgrade (commonly known as the OTA update); can also be connected to the computer through iTunes upgrade;

2 Although theoretically can smooth upgrade, we recommend that, in order to prevent unexpected situations, before upgrading or backing up all data; Again, the backup, backup, backup.

 3 If you've ever escape, no matter what version, what way to escape, do not directly upgrade, you need to back up all the information, the DFU mode by brush, which makes the phone restore factory;

4 If the previous beta users, find the "Settings - General - description file and device management", delete iOS 10 Beta description file, then push to receive the official version;

5 after midnight yesterday after some OTA update bricked the phone ...... including iPad, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE, Apple has issued a statement: In the first hours after the push updates really a problem, has been solved we apologize to those customers. If you have this problem, contact customer service for help.

As for iOS 10 system itself, I beta1 after WWDC has been used from the last edition, although little change in the interface, but it is more than many iOS 9 process, that occasionally baffling Caton disappeared, new information applications, as well as pop-up card Information is also clearer on this system, you can see the previous experience of the text "my main brushes after using iOS 10 a day now to talk about the upgrade worth it", though it was in beta, but all functions are mentioned.

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