Do not worry about data loss teach you safety upgrade to iOS 9

For most users, every time the system is very troublesome big upgrade one thing, back up your data - to upgrade the system - restore data, a toss half a day, how to keep the original data in the time to upgrade the phone system becomes everyone one problem is most concerned about, and today we'll introduce how to make your device the next upgrade iOS 9 when the data is not lost, save you the trouble of backup and restore.
(Recover iPad Air/iPad Mini Contacts/Photos/Messages after iOS 9 Upgrade)

Before you begin, I recommend you use the phone when the future develop the habit of regular backups for important information such as photos, contacts and other information is often backed up, so the phone in case the point of the problem, it will not lose important information.

No jailbreak users can update via the following two ways to upgrade to iOS 9 system approach, jailbreak will be upgraded if the user fails recommend jailbreak user selects the "recovery" approach to upgrade, "recovery" mode upgrade will erase the phone's data needs advance backup.(Recover iPhone data after iOS 9 jailbreak)

In the iPhone are supported OTA upgrade, that is, by upgrading the phone without using data lines and computer, the specific step is to [Settings] - [General] - [System update], this advantage is easy to upgrade, do not need a computer data cable, the phone just a few clicks to complete the upgrade, download the system when the upgrade package can continue to use the phone normally.

OTA upgrade also has shortcomings, and that is there space for mobile phone capacity requirements, because the phone will need to download the upgrade package to the storage space before you can upgrade different devices ranging from the need for additional 1GB- 1.9GB, and then have to calculate the the space occupied by the system, generally choose OTA Upgrade, will require sufficient free memory space in the phone. After Apple's continuous optimization, although the space required to upgrade now than before has decreased, but for 16GB of users, each upgrade are quite painful.

OTA Upgrade

Advantages: simple without a computer, upgrade the security, all the information content are not clear

Cons: jailbreak users can not upgrade by OTA way, for storage space requirements.

Another upgrade does not delete the information is to connect iTunes, such is not the latest version of iTunes prompted the first upgrade after the latest version of iTunes, click on the top right corner of the "iPhone" enter detailed preview screen. If you do not separate download firmware, then you simply click the "Update" button, the computer will download the firmware first, then update them to the phone via iTunes.(Recover lost data from iPhone after iOS 9 upgrade)

If you already have firmware, it will omit the download process, saving a lot of time. Firmware, then and then only need to hold down the shift key on the keyboard (mac system users hold down the option key click the mouse), and the "Update" button mouse click on iTunes, click to select the firmware has been downloaded iOS 9, you can We were upgraded.

Jailbreak users need to select "recovery" approach to upgrade, the methodology is here to pay attention to select "recovery" instead of "update", after the jailbreak user Click here to upgrade will clear all data, such as the choice of this upgrade must be done in advance Good data backup !!!

Computer Upgrade

Pros: do not take up extra space on your phone, suitable for small-capacity mobile phone upgrade. Jailbreak iPhone must be used in this way.

Disadvantages: Download the complete firmware upgrade.

No jailbreak users wait for the upgrade is complete, about 10 minutes. At this time successfully upgraded to iOS 9, and what data will be lost all genuine applications can continue to use. If your phone does not escape, but is installed by PC helper application, then after the upgrade is not available, and that needs attention.

Recover iPad Air/iPad Mini Contacts/Photos/Messages after iOS 10 Upgrade

Recover iPad Air/iPad Mini Contacts/Photos/Messages after iOS 10 Upgrade

“Yesterday I update my iPad Air 2 from iOS 8.4.1 to new iOS 10 but failed. My iPad get into recovery mode, after restart, all of my contacts and photos have disappeared. What do I do to get back these lost/erased photos, contacts on my iPad Air 2 after iOS 10 upgrade”

Recover lost iPad data after iOS 10 upgrade is important

Facing with such an attrctive operating sysytem, I think many of you are eager to update your iPad. But experience tells us many users upgrade recklessly and find that they don't like the new iOS 10. What’s worse, they can't go back because they didn't save the right files beforehand. It’s terrible! But don’t worry, this article tell you how to recover lost iPad data after iOS 10 upgrade. You can read and follow the guide to rescue your precious data at home by yourself.

Contacts/Photos/Pictures lost from iPad after iOS 10 update? Don’t worry. Here I will introduce iPad Data Recovery to restore iPad lost data after iOS 10 update, including photos, contacts, text messages, notes, voice memos etc. To recover lost contacts pictures messages from iPad, you need the help of a third-party iPad Data Recovery program.


Step 1:Connect your iPad to computer

The iPad Data Recovery provides iPad users three recovery modes: “Recover from iPad Device directly”; “Recover from iTunes Backup File” and “Restore from iCloud Backup File”. Next,we will show you the first recovery mode to retrieve iPad lost data directly.
For iPad with Retina display, iPad mini,iPad Air, The new iPad (recover contacts, messages, call history, notes, calendars, reminders and Safari bookmarks):

Step 2:Scan all lost data from your iPad after iOS 10 upgrade

Click Start Scan to directly scan your iPad if it can be recognized by the software. If you are iPad 1 user, please follow steps displayed in the interface
above to enter the device’s scanning mode:
1. Hold your iPad, and click the “Start” button.
2. Hold “Power” and “Home” buttons at the same time when you click Start for exactly 10 seconds. The program will count the time for you.
3. Release the “Power” button when the 10 seconds passed, but keep holding the “Home” button for anther 15 seconds.
When you’re told that you’ve successfully entered the DFU mode, you can release Home and begin scanning your iPad as follows.

Step 3:Recover and save lost iPad contacts photos messages and more on your computer

When the scan finished, you can preview the whole data on your iPad. Select those files you want to get back and click Recover button to save them on your


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How to Recover Lost iPad Contacts After iOS 10 Upgrade

Optimize the user experience iOS 9 crushing small features inventory system

iOS 9 provides several important functions, such as split-screen iPad multitasking mode, optimizing search and Siri, as well as performance improvements and so on. However, there are some quite interesting little upgrade will also allow the user to optimize the experience of iOS 9.
(iOS 9 Recovery, Restore Lost iPhone Data after iOS 9 Upgrade)

The following is those little features inventory less noticeable on this version of the system.

1 Set Search

In the "Settings", iOS 9 provides a search function. Users can quickly find a setting or option you want by entering a keyword. For example, if you want to enter the Siri settings, you can simply search for "Siri" can be. All settings options for Siri will appear in the list.

2 new "return" button

Click the notification or Safari user opens a new application when you connect. Currently, users can through the new "Go Back" button to return to the previous application. The upper left corner of "Go Back" button will be displayed for about 1 minute, then disappear. Therefore, if the user just want to find out about a new open application, you can quickly switch between applications.

3 Battery Set

In iOS settings 9, Apple offers a special battery settings, the user can open a low-power mode therein. Moreover, it will also display the battery power more specific information, including sorting by application of electricity consumption. After opening the low-power mode, the background task, the screen effects and animated wallpapers are disabled. For Apple Watch, iOS devices, and other connected devices, such as Bluetooth headset, battery information will also appear in the notification center.(How to Regain Lost Data from iPhone after iOS Upgrade)

4 "Find My Friends / iPhone"

"Find My Friends" and "Find My iPhone" has become the default application iOS 9 will be installed automatically. Previously, users need to download those applications to install from the App Store. "Find My Friends" can be added to the notification center, which track your friends' locations.

5 iPad application folder

iPad Applications folder to display the current arrangement in accordance with 4x4 application, rather than a conventional 3x3 arrangement. This can be displayed on a screen in more applications. Since one folder up to 15, so far the total number of applications in a folder can accommodate reached 240, higher than the previous 135.

6 Self-timer with an independent folder

iOS 9 photo application for the self-timer and screen shots provide a new folder. "Self" folder aggregation through the front camera photographs, and "screenshots" folder provided by the system comes with screen capture function to capture pictures. This change is not big, but it will help users better manage self-timer and screenshots.

7 Family Sharing

Family about music sharing feature was removed in iOS 8.4, when Apple introduced a new music application and Apple Music Service. However, in iOS 9, this function again return.

8 Keyboard adjustment

Shift function again be adjusted, which help users more easily determine the caps lock is activated. After pressing Shift, all the letters on the keyboard will be displayed in uppercase. And after Shift is closed, all the letters will become lowercase. On the iPad, iOS 9's keyboard provides two new editing controls and finger gestures, so the keyboard becomes touchpad.

9 Hand off

Application switching tools Handoff functionality is moved to the bottom of the application to switch the page. Previously, Handoff function will be displayed in the application in a revolving door. In the lock screen screen display related applications App Store in iOS 9 Handoff function is deleted, but still displays the installed applications.


Recover Lost Data Contacts, Photos, SMS, Whatsapp messages from iPhone after iOS 9 Jailbreak

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Recover Lost Data Contacts, Photos, SMS, Whatsapp messages from iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S after iOS 9 Jailbreak.

Part 1: iPhone iOS 9 News
Part 2: How to Restore iPhone iPad Data after iOS 9 Jailbreak
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iPhone iOS 9 News

Apple began to push GM version iOS 9 official version is not far off.

[Abstract] usually GM version and the official version of the content is almost the same, and therefore it is also the official before the GM version for developers to release the final version of the test.

Just after the end of the current Apple conference, the first time Apple released the GM version and the beta version of a number of new systems, such as iOS 9, watch OS 2 and OS X EI Capitan of GM first test version and iOS 9.1 Version.

First of all, we need to understand is that generally GM version and the official version of the content is almost the same, and therefore so is the GM version of the official release before the final version for developers to test. The most talked about GM version of the system is no doubt that Apple's iOS 9 a. iOS9 upgraded to make it more intelligent Siri and map application for the transfer of information to increase the bus lines as well as low-power mode. At the same time it provides a key input for the iPad split-screen functionality and optimization. In terms of security upgrades will unlock password from four to six.

At the same time iOS 9 release, Apple also released the first test version iOS 9.1, which further demonstrates the development of iOS 9 has been completed. iOS 9.1 beta is numbered 13B5110e, the specific function is unknown, developers can already download the test.

Since August 19 Apple Push OS X El Capitan seventh beta version to developers, El Capitan update began stagnant until today Apple Push GM version. If you do not want to install the GM version, you can wait until September 30 to push Apple's official version of El Capitan.

As watchOS 2 is at WWDC 2015 Apple introduced on, it adds a new dial on the basis of the original system, time travel mode, and enables applications to run locally at Apple Watch also adds new features such as bedside clock mode . watchOS GM version 2 of the same developer or have only developer account users, watchOS 2 will push the official version in September 16, and as iOS 9.

How to Restore iPhone iPad Data after iOS 9 Jailbreak

“Yesterday,I have jailbreak my iPhone 6S and install Cidya on my iPhone,after a successful installation,I found all data on my iPhone were lost,including photos, contacts, text messages, videos,ect..I feel very confused now,then I connected my iPhone 6S to iTunes and tried to restore and update to the latest iOS 9 version. However, iTunes was unable to restore lost data back,because I never backup iPhone data to iTunes,is there any way to restore iPhone data directly after iOS 9 jailbreak?”

iPhone Data Recovery isn’t the only choose, but the best choose for you to recover all you lost iPhone data such as Messages, Contacts, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmark and more directly from your iPhone 6S, or restore all of them from iTunes backup files, no matter they were lost due to device loss, jailbreak, iOS 9 upgrade, factory settings restore or other accidental situations.

If you have decided to try this way, please download the free trial version here and correctly install it on you computer.


Step 1: Activate the software and plug your iPhone 6s to the computer

Activate the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer after install it, and you can see the window pop up as below, then connect your iPhone 6s to your computer.

Keep your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 connect with your PC during the whole process of recovery.

Step 2: Launch the scanning mode

When the software has found your device, you are allowed to click “Start Scan” button and begin to scan your iPhone 6S.

Step 3.Recover iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S/4 from jailbreak

Before the final step, you can preview all the previous contents one by one to decide which one you need to recover, and then mark those you want and click "Recover". You're restoring all of them now.


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About iPhone 6s and iOS 9 you do not know a few things

Beijing at 1:00 on September 10, Apple held a press conference in San Francisco, the conference officially released the long-rumored new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, although the appearance compared to the previous iPhone 6/6 Plus and not too big changes, just added a new rose gold. But the hardware and software, or have improved significantly. Lift mainly from the following: 3D-touch 7000 series Space aluminum body, more wear-resistant protective glass screen, 64 A9 processor + M9 coprocessor, the second generation fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE-A network + faster Wi-Fi connection speed. 12 million pixel camera, 4K resolution video recording, 5 megapixels front camera and a new Live Photos function. Moreover, some conference did not elaborate on the contents of the (battery shrink, RAM exactly how big an appointment time, buy the Raiders, etc.) I here for everyone to be more detailed summary.(How to Transfer Data from iPhone 4S/5/5S to iPhone 6S)

The new iPhone does not give us any surprises, everything is the same as previously expected. Of course, there are different parameters, except that the battery capacity and the size of memory to run, perhaps the apple does not value, these two parameters have not been described in detail with Apple. About iPhone 6s battery capacity seems to have news, 1810mAh or 1715mAh situation appeared to shrink the size compared to the previous.(How to Transfer Data from iOS 8 to iOS 9)

After the conference, we will be the internal structure of a body found after amplification, the iPhone 6s battery marked 1715mAh battery capacity, which is compared to the 1810mAh iPhone 6 or appeared on 95mAh shrink, although not shrink, but for some users, this is not declined practice seems unacceptable. Of course, I guess, such changes should be and 3D Touch technology to join a relationship, the pressure touch-sensitive layer is likely to occupy a larger interior space.

However, users need not care about the iPhone 6s life of too much worry because the new A9 processor will also optimize system power consumption accordingly. Apple aspects of life are given specific data, under the LTE network access up to 10 hours battery life, or the 3G network can talk for up to 14 hours of continuous, or continuous standby for up to 10 days and so on. These data also reflect the iPhone 6s batteries shrink from the side and did not have much impact on its own life.

As we are more concerned about running out of memory issues, and Apple officials did not give a detailed introduction, some foreign media exposure of more details of the new A9 processor, domestic users the first time reproduced in the foreign media reports, said the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus uses quad-core A9 processor architecture 2 + 2, the specific frequency distribution of dual 1.7GHz + dual 1.2GHz, and with a 2GB RAM. Quad-core architecture plus 2GB of memory to run really be called an upgrade of a heavy.

Upgrading memory to run can be said that one aspect of the upgrade users are most concerned about the use 2GB of memory to run Apple also verify a rumor before, and this upgrade will no doubt also the new iPhone multi-tasking capabilities and system fluency lead to further escalation. We are temporarily unable to determine whether to upgrade to the new iPhone rumors before 2GB. And it is known after the concrete results, but also other third-party software tested. Of course, the worst is that, whether it is iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, which are running out of memory or 1GB. If so, then the purchase will affect your plan?

iOS push time can be confirmed on September 16 OTA

The new device models rely on the latest addition to the hardware, it is about to push a wide range of iOS 9. iOS 9 really push time has been confirmed as September 16, prior to incorporation provide support Apple iOS device list 9, we can begin to upgrade equipment in the hands of the. According to the latest Apple news, iOS 9 arrival of the official version will be officially on September 16, the old section of the Apple device will be able to push through the OTA upgrade or iTunes. As for the new iPhone and iPad Pro, direct appearances official version of iOS 9 pre-installed system.

According to Apple news, iOS nine major change brought about mainly includes split-screen operations (mainly for the iPad series devices), overall improvement for the Siri voice assistant and search capabilities, and battery life optimization and so on.(How to Recover Lost iPhone Data after iOS 9 Upgrade)

According to information provided by Apple, like iPad 2 and iPhone 4S devices such old models can also be upgraded to the new version of iOS 9 system, and launched a new iPod touch 5 will also have the opportunity to complete the upgrade. But note that Apple did not give a specific upgrade requirements, such as the remaining memory space constraints, and so on. For iPhone 4s and iPad 2 devices such old models, it does not recommend the average user to upgrade to avoid system slow response and other issues.

Packaging redesign

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus redesigned packaging, side of the box is the name iPhone 6s, while the phone's wallpaper is a goldfish. .

3D Touch this new feature, it is estimated there will still be a lot of people do not know. Simply put, 3D Touch phones will operate from two-dimensional plane brought finger three-dimensional space. People for touch screen operation includes tap, long press and a plurality of combinations of sliding phones and other operations, and these operations are in the same induction level to achieve. For 3D Touch, we can be understood, the art Taptic engine according to the intensity of pressing a screen, the intensity of the different operations have different feedback.

When the pressing force is small, the new iPhone will only recognize the traditional operating instructions, such as single and double-click the like; but when pressed further increase the intensity, the system will open another command level, at this level, you continues to slide on the screen or release all will produce totally different from the traditional mode of operation of the instruction.

Appear 3D Touch technology means that different user just by finger on a screen in the same way of pressing, it is possible to achieve more by function buttons in order to achieve the original function. For example, for desktop icons such as when to operate, whether we want to implement any of the functions, you need to go to the software in order to achieve internal; and now, through the 3D Touch function, directly press a little harder and hold the screen, the system will direct to a few shortcuts option, which a user wants to perform, according to the finger directly across the family to stay.

Of course, if you still want to enter the normal procedure, then, as before, single click on it. This benefit is one of the most intuitive, user need not repeatedly click on the screen, even without a large range of movement of the finger, which for the growing mobile phone screen is undoubtedly an innovative change. We can imagine, there are less and less likely to make 3D Touch keys on the phone, the user can operate all the systems is achieved by directly touching the screen. And this is what we are most often seen in sci-fi movie scene.

Perhaps the new iPhone brings us surprises are not many, but 3D Touch will definitely be one of them. Of course, has not been fully developed as a new technology, the potential of 3D Touch software developers also need to dig further, which will also be the key to changing the 3D Touch smartphone.

Equipped with the new A9 processor

The new Apple iPhone equipped with a new A9 processor, this chip 64 new architecture, to achieve a more powerful performance at a given power constraints. Apple's official line is that the new processor CPU performance improved 70%, GPU performance increase of 90 percent, almost level performance PC processors. It also benefited from the new A9 processor, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus systems, applications respond faster and more realistic game performance. Fengyun A9 processor also equipped with a new M9 coprocessor support "Hey Siri" voice wake Siri function.

More info:

Manage your iPad with iPad Pro Data Transfer and iPad Pro Data Recovery
How to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro?


Cook push the main iPad Pro greet newborn

[Abstract] into the era of Apple Cook, accompanied by before and after each new Apple hardware publicity release, the least is the lack of consensus on the tendency of Apple's new innovation fatigue questioned.

Cook entered the era of Apple, with before and after each new Apple hardware publicity release, the least is the lack of consensus on the tendency of Apple's new innovation fatigue questioned.

And these questions sound more focus on: Cook era of Apple's Steve Jobs is hard to return to the Father of the times, every new release can bring to the public the kind of disruptive innovation stunning, and allow the public to whom scream expectations . So far demonstrate that Apple no longer difficult from a magician's black hat Sudden rabbit jump out, Apple is moving toward mediocrity.

But Apple really is along this trend in the decline it?

Indeed, from the company's operations and product innovation two angles, Cook should be entrusted with an authentic shrewd businessman galore, but Steve Jobs is perfect to be dubbed a genius product manager reputation. Since the starting point and end result of the pursuit of different, respectively, product innovation and business operations for the Bifurcation on two different products derived from the concept of the leading cultural, natural far, the formation of the gap is inevitable, do not care to tangle.

Cook with merchant posture to meet the market, in order to break the bureau's Dan greet students.

In order to embrace the market demand, he broke Steve Jobs has always stressed the 3.5-inch display screen, the best apples, put on a public favorite four inches wide, 4.7 inches, 5.5-inch screen, although the appearance of the product to build on the lack of a more revolutionary of breakthrough, but on the secondary products of intelligent operation is constant innovation.

Here we know the voice intelligent assistant siri, secure intelligent recognition technology to unlock the Touch ID, as well as the heavy launch multi-touch technology 3D Touch, all from their hands, Cook iterate through constantly pushing the new technology, upgrade Apple's new user experience, form the public's dependence on heavy users experience, contributed.

The so-called locked in, we must eradicate completely broken, and to create something new. As a new generation of Apple's leader, Cook is using business principles espoused by their cleaning Shenluo the personal imprint of Steve Jobs Apple religious culture, after all, who can no longer difficult to become the second Steve Jobs, the Apple era belongs to him , so he must become his. To this end, from commercialization, Cook completed the Apple empire to better plunder the largest market share of the profits, he began his small screen to the big screen layout of strategic planning.

Last night, it is breathlessly for its four major product lines have been updated, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPad Pro, the new Apple TV, and far more than the expectations of Apple Watch. Apparently, last night, new products, Cook most favorite is not anticipated iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, but replacement iPad Pro, cook their high hopes, and with a "trump card" word to describe it .

Cook also receiving Tencent Digital interview, he also revealed: information points iPad Pro and Chinese markets are most concerned about him.

Then this product whether such Cook wished, for Apple to usher in a new explosive sales growth? We start with the product's hardware configuration looks.

iPad Pro uses 12.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2732x2048, A9X processor, built-in 4 speakers with Apple Pencil stylus, it is undeniable upgrade iPad Pro configuration is indeed some bright spots, but the other hand, its 12.9 inches screen, Many people have Tucao their screen is too large features, both lost as a handheld device portability in entertainment on also suffered a fatal blow, the future this may become a consideration in the formation of future users buy.

Secondly, we learn from the market and then cut.

Admittedly, with the iphone mobile phone screen gets bigger and increasingly rich features to make up for the needs of users use daily on the family flat, iPad's market by squeezing their products. Cook has been hoping to complete the big screen through the small screen to the layout, and do our best to cover all users, to compensate for the market has not been to make up for the vacancy, while past generations iPad breakthrough innovation bottleneck weak, only this from home entertainment to a mobile office transformation and change of iPad Pro, which is a "take office on the next show entertainment" products. Embrace new users of this product on the occasion of the birth of the mission, but had to face after the iPad Pro publishing and size similar to the MacBook, MacBook Air will overlap and constraints embarrassing situation.

Finally, and most important point: mobile office software access richness.

As we all know, re-user experience of products, not just products strong performance in the configuration of hardware, technology, and more advantage of hard and soft can be a perfect fit. Surface and WP system is the best lesson, for business people to use office software required only to "take on the office, under the form of entertainment" in transition in the iPad Pro, the mobile office software ecosystem which, whether the future can accumulate meet camp, to keep up with demand for mobile office, become connected keyboard can become a business notebook, on the contrary become Tablet PC, iPad Pro is the future challenges of the market open to experience, rather than eventually reduced to simple document processing device, after all iPad Pro business tool attribute too obvious.

Perhaps iPad Pro final result is likely to give a "thunder, little rain", but Cook is valued and has been behind iPad Pro to future performance, which does not rule out future Cook has a more commercial whimsy operation, it has been Cook's strengths, to whom might be able to reverse the situation, but in the end do not want to cook in front of their own superiority cropper.

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Busy Apple conference

2015 Apple Conference Preview


How to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro?

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro.

Part 1: Something about iPad Pro
Part 2: How to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro?
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Something about iPad Pro

iPad Pro demo experience like stylus to write on the same sheet

[Abstract] The large-size flat-panel not only equipped with many of the most advanced technology, but also offers an optional stylus and keyboard parts.

On this new conference, Apple has finally brought a rumor among the iPad Pro tablet. The large-size flat-panel not only equipped with many of the most advanced technology, but also offers an optional stylus and keyboard parts. In the conference site, Engadget on this device and its accessories were quick experience.

First, in terms of hardware, iPad Pro screen reaches 12.9 inches, but the body weight is only 713 grams, and the first generation iPad quite. Take this equipment in a lighter hand than expected, but it feels a bit top-heavy portrait mode. While in landscape mode, iPad Pro's considerable height and iPad Air 2, only while the width has increased, so this device in landscape to be more controllable.(How to transfer iPad Data to new iPad)

In addition to increased body type outside, iPad Pro and iPad are very similar to those of the rest, including matte material aluminum body, three conventional color (silver, gray and gold deep space), as well as all the openings and buttons. But at the bottom of this equipment is also more than a special interface for connection and keyboard parts. Unlike other flat keyboard, Apple's point of view, this accessory can only be a supporting device, the user can not adjust. But taking into account the Retina display wide viewing angle, this is not a problem.

Although the quality to be further tested this keyboard parts, but on the current experience point of view, it is fairly likable. The fabric-covered buttons with a comfortable feel, but also brought a glimmer of sense of control for these relatively flat keys. In addition, the fabric covering also increase the ability of the keyboard spill-resistant, but Apple field representatives do not want to water to describe it. In addition to tactile textures, these keys key way, at least not very short, considering the keyboard itself has been so slim.

Apple Pencil stylus looks slightly rounded, smooth white surface material. Although it looks like a pencil, but with the feeling is somewhat similar. When you hand it to write or draw on the screen, you can feel enough resistance without slipping phenomenon, like really, like writing on paper.

In addition, iPad Pro display for identifying the stylus also has quite high accuracy, in the experience of the process does not recognize a stroke situation never appears. Due to a variety of sensors on the tip, you can tilt angle to achieve different writing effects. But many products already have the same function, so this ability can not be called iPad Pro's unique is how. Having said that, it appears, at least in the actual use of good enough.

In contrast, iPad Pro supporting the Office application seems to be more impressive. Because Microsoft was carried out specifically optimization, you can use Apple Pencil to mark text, or choose from a range of writing instruments. In iOS 9 new split-screen mode, its effect can be to maximize. When the split-screen mode is not very suitable for use multitasking, copy and paste when processing is also very convenient.

iPad Pro is scheduled for November this year, priced from $ 799 (about 5095 yuan). It is also not cheap accessories, including Apple Pencil price of $ 99, and the keyboard is $ 169.

How to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro?

Finally, you bought yourself a brand new iPad Pro, but now what might rack your brain is, how to transfer your favorite contacts, whatsapp history, songs, apps, movies, ebooks and lots of other useful data from old iPad to your brand new iPad Pro. Here we will walk you through the process and achieve the simple iPad to iPad transfer with tutorials.

Believe for iPad or Apple fans, recently they already very familiar with iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Especially the iPad Pro, I feel it is the coolest one in this series of products, more innovative, more lighter and thinner, renewed the enthusiasm of the users, cooperate with the new iOS 9 operating system, make the collaborative between iOS devices more better. I don’t know wheather will you planning to replace a fully new iPad Pro, but I’m sure there are a lot of users have already done, and they must interested in how to directly switch files from old iPad or iPhone to the new iPad, such as iPad Pro.

If you are tired of Apple ways of transferring and want a faster iPad to iPad transfer via your own PC, then iPad to iPad Transfer can be a good alternative. Unlike iTunes, iPad to iPad Transfer is a lite software that specially designed for iOS data transfer. You can have your contacts, whatsapp history, app, music, photos, movie, ebook, iTunesU, voice memo, contacts and other iPad Pro data perfectly transferred without Wifi. It fully supports all iOS and all iPad models then you don't need to upgrade your old iPad iOS. The only drawback is that the Mac version is currently unavailable. You need to run it on Windows PC.


Best way to transfer data contacts, whatsapp data from old iPad to new iPad Pro:

Step 1:Launch the iPad Data Transfer and choose the transfer mode

After installation, run it on your computer, you will see the primary interface as the below picture, now move your mouse to the “Phone to Phone Transfer” and click “Start” to enter the phone data transfer window.

Step 2:Connect both of your old iPad and iPad Pro to your computer

Now you will being notified that connect a sources device and a destination device via USB cable to the software. In other words, you ought to connect both of your old iPad and new iPad Pro to your computer by using Apples USB cable. If done, the program will automatically detect your devices.

Step 3:Transfer data between your old iPad and iPad Pro directly

Once your devices are recognized, you can see them appearing in the corresponding position, if you want to change the position of the sources device and destination device, please click “Flip” button.

As you can see, all the transferable content will being shown in the middle panel now, including contacts, whatsapp chat history, photos, music, videos and so on, just select those what you want to transfer, click “Start Copy” to get start.

The whole transfer process will be completed in an instant, now you can enjoy your new iPad heartily.


Tips: If you also want to resell your old iPad idevice, you really need to erase all your old iPad data permanently before selling to others, then, we recommend you the third-party iOS Data Eraser software.

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