About iPhone 6s and iOS 9 you do not know a few things

Beijing at 1:00 on September 10, Apple held a press conference in San Francisco, the conference officially released the long-rumored new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, although the appearance compared to the previous iPhone 6/6 Plus and not too big changes, just added a new rose gold. But the hardware and software, or have improved significantly. Lift mainly from the following: 3D-touch 7000 series Space aluminum body, more wear-resistant protective glass screen, 64 A9 processor + M9 coprocessor, the second generation fingerprint sensor, 4G LTE-A network + faster Wi-Fi connection speed. 12 million pixel camera, 4K resolution video recording, 5 megapixels front camera and a new Live Photos function. Moreover, some conference did not elaborate on the contents of the (battery shrink, RAM exactly how big an appointment time, buy the Raiders, etc.) I here for everyone to be more detailed summary.(How to Transfer Data from iPhone 4S/5/5S to iPhone 6S)

The new iPhone does not give us any surprises, everything is the same as previously expected. Of course, there are different parameters, except that the battery capacity and the size of memory to run, perhaps the apple does not value, these two parameters have not been described in detail with Apple. About iPhone 6s battery capacity seems to have news, 1810mAh or 1715mAh situation appeared to shrink the size compared to the previous.(How to Transfer Data from iOS 8 to iOS 9)

After the conference, we will be the internal structure of a body found after amplification, the iPhone 6s battery marked 1715mAh battery capacity, which is compared to the 1810mAh iPhone 6 or appeared on 95mAh shrink, although not shrink, but for some users, this is not declined practice seems unacceptable. Of course, I guess, such changes should be and 3D Touch technology to join a relationship, the pressure touch-sensitive layer is likely to occupy a larger interior space.

However, users need not care about the iPhone 6s life of too much worry because the new A9 processor will also optimize system power consumption accordingly. Apple aspects of life are given specific data, under the LTE network access up to 10 hours battery life, or the 3G network can talk for up to 14 hours of continuous, or continuous standby for up to 10 days and so on. These data also reflect the iPhone 6s batteries shrink from the side and did not have much impact on its own life.

As we are more concerned about running out of memory issues, and Apple officials did not give a detailed introduction, some foreign media exposure of more details of the new A9 processor, domestic users the first time reproduced in the foreign media reports, said the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus uses quad-core A9 processor architecture 2 + 2, the specific frequency distribution of dual 1.7GHz + dual 1.2GHz, and with a 2GB RAM. Quad-core architecture plus 2GB of memory to run really be called an upgrade of a heavy.

Upgrading memory to run can be said that one aspect of the upgrade users are most concerned about the use 2GB of memory to run Apple also verify a rumor before, and this upgrade will no doubt also the new iPhone multi-tasking capabilities and system fluency lead to further escalation. We are temporarily unable to determine whether to upgrade to the new iPhone rumors before 2GB. And it is known after the concrete results, but also other third-party software tested. Of course, the worst is that, whether it is iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, which are running out of memory or 1GB. If so, then the purchase will affect your plan?

iOS push time can be confirmed on September 16 OTA

The new device models rely on the latest addition to the hardware, it is about to push a wide range of iOS 9. iOS 9 really push time has been confirmed as September 16, prior to incorporation provide support Apple iOS device list 9, we can begin to upgrade equipment in the hands of the. According to the latest Apple news, iOS 9 arrival of the official version will be officially on September 16, the old section of the Apple device will be able to push through the OTA upgrade or iTunes. As for the new iPhone and iPad Pro, direct appearances official version of iOS 9 pre-installed system.

According to Apple news, iOS nine major change brought about mainly includes split-screen operations (mainly for the iPad series devices), overall improvement for the Siri voice assistant and search capabilities, and battery life optimization and so on.(How to Recover Lost iPhone Data after iOS 9 Upgrade)

According to information provided by Apple, like iPad 2 and iPhone 4S devices such old models can also be upgraded to the new version of iOS 9 system, and launched a new iPod touch 5 will also have the opportunity to complete the upgrade. But note that Apple did not give a specific upgrade requirements, such as the remaining memory space constraints, and so on. For iPhone 4s and iPad 2 devices such old models, it does not recommend the average user to upgrade to avoid system slow response and other issues.

Packaging redesign

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus redesigned packaging, side of the box is the name iPhone 6s, while the phone's wallpaper is a goldfish. .

3D Touch this new feature, it is estimated there will still be a lot of people do not know. Simply put, 3D Touch phones will operate from two-dimensional plane brought finger three-dimensional space. People for touch screen operation includes tap, long press and a plurality of combinations of sliding phones and other operations, and these operations are in the same induction level to achieve. For 3D Touch, we can be understood, the art Taptic engine according to the intensity of pressing a screen, the intensity of the different operations have different feedback.

When the pressing force is small, the new iPhone will only recognize the traditional operating instructions, such as single and double-click the like; but when pressed further increase the intensity, the system will open another command level, at this level, you continues to slide on the screen or release all will produce totally different from the traditional mode of operation of the instruction.

Appear 3D Touch technology means that different user just by finger on a screen in the same way of pressing, it is possible to achieve more by function buttons in order to achieve the original function. For example, for desktop icons such as when to operate, whether we want to implement any of the functions, you need to go to the software in order to achieve internal; and now, through the 3D Touch function, directly press a little harder and hold the screen, the system will direct to a few shortcuts option, which a user wants to perform, according to the finger directly across the family to stay.

Of course, if you still want to enter the normal procedure, then, as before, single click on it. This benefit is one of the most intuitive, user need not repeatedly click on the screen, even without a large range of movement of the finger, which for the growing mobile phone screen is undoubtedly an innovative change. We can imagine, there are less and less likely to make 3D Touch keys on the phone, the user can operate all the systems is achieved by directly touching the screen. And this is what we are most often seen in sci-fi movie scene.

Perhaps the new iPhone brings us surprises are not many, but 3D Touch will definitely be one of them. Of course, has not been fully developed as a new technology, the potential of 3D Touch software developers also need to dig further, which will also be the key to changing the 3D Touch smartphone.

Equipped with the new A9 processor

The new Apple iPhone equipped with a new A9 processor, this chip 64 new architecture, to achieve a more powerful performance at a given power constraints. Apple's official line is that the new processor CPU performance improved 70%, GPU performance increase of 90 percent, almost level performance PC processors. It also benefited from the new A9 processor, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus systems, applications respond faster and more realistic game performance. Fengyun A9 processor also equipped with a new M9 coprocessor support "Hey Siri" voice wake Siri function.

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