Apple released the iPad Pro 12.9-inch screen priced at $ 799 onwards

Apple CEO Tim - Cook (Tim Cook) announced a new iPad, called iPad Pro. Cook said the iPad Pro is "the largest since the birth iPad iPad News" (The biggest news in iPad since iPad).
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Marketing president of Apple Phil - Schiller (Phil Schiller) subsequently introduced the relevant data of iPad Pro. New iPad Pro body thickness of 6.9 mm, built-in 4 speakers and uses 12.9-inch screen, you can display a full-size virtual keyboard.

The new iPad same width and height of the iPad Air, the screen can display two full-size iPad app. In addition, iPad Pro screen the number of pixels up to 5.6 million pixels, the resolution of 2732x2048,264ppi, higher than the Retina MacBook Pro.

iPad Pro uses A9X chip, memory bandwidth and storage speed are the two times previous generation chips, it is 1.8 times the iPad Air 2 used A8X performance. Schiller said, iPad Pro has reached the "desktop-level performance," and with the "host-level game," the GPU. iPad Pro speeds in excess of 80% of PC within the past six months on sale, and image processing speed faster than 90% of the PC. Equipment life time of 9 hours.

And iPad as well as supporting the release of the official launch of Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. Apple Pencil priced at $ 99 which will launch in mainland China in November, with a lighting excuse can be inserted within the charging iPad Pro, length of up to 12 hours use. Equipped with pressure sensors, line thickness will vary according to the write intensity display.

Smart Keyboard priced at $ 169, without charge, to connect to the iPad Pro can start after the input, the installation and Smart Cover similar.

iPad Pro will support Microsoft Office software. In addition, the site also shows App Adobe and 3D4Medical two companies.

Apple will be available in three colors iPad Pro, respectively, deep space gray, gold and silver. Equipment is divided into 32GB Wi-Fi, 128GB Wi-Fi, 128GB Wi-Fi and cellular network versions. Priced at $ 799, $ 949, $ 1,079. The new iPad will start selling in November this year.

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