How to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro?

The most comprehensive, simple and useful way to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro.

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Something about iPad Pro

iPad Pro demo experience like stylus to write on the same sheet

[Abstract] The large-size flat-panel not only equipped with many of the most advanced technology, but also offers an optional stylus and keyboard parts.

On this new conference, Apple has finally brought a rumor among the iPad Pro tablet. The large-size flat-panel not only equipped with many of the most advanced technology, but also offers an optional stylus and keyboard parts. In the conference site, Engadget on this device and its accessories were quick experience.

First, in terms of hardware, iPad Pro screen reaches 12.9 inches, but the body weight is only 713 grams, and the first generation iPad quite. Take this equipment in a lighter hand than expected, but it feels a bit top-heavy portrait mode. While in landscape mode, iPad Pro's considerable height and iPad Air 2, only while the width has increased, so this device in landscape to be more controllable.(How to transfer iPad Data to new iPad)

In addition to increased body type outside, iPad Pro and iPad are very similar to those of the rest, including matte material aluminum body, three conventional color (silver, gray and gold deep space), as well as all the openings and buttons. But at the bottom of this equipment is also more than a special interface for connection and keyboard parts. Unlike other flat keyboard, Apple's point of view, this accessory can only be a supporting device, the user can not adjust. But taking into account the Retina display wide viewing angle, this is not a problem.

Although the quality to be further tested this keyboard parts, but on the current experience point of view, it is fairly likable. The fabric-covered buttons with a comfortable feel, but also brought a glimmer of sense of control for these relatively flat keys. In addition, the fabric covering also increase the ability of the keyboard spill-resistant, but Apple field representatives do not want to water to describe it. In addition to tactile textures, these keys key way, at least not very short, considering the keyboard itself has been so slim.

Apple Pencil stylus looks slightly rounded, smooth white surface material. Although it looks like a pencil, but with the feeling is somewhat similar. When you hand it to write or draw on the screen, you can feel enough resistance without slipping phenomenon, like really, like writing on paper.

In addition, iPad Pro display for identifying the stylus also has quite high accuracy, in the experience of the process does not recognize a stroke situation never appears. Due to a variety of sensors on the tip, you can tilt angle to achieve different writing effects. But many products already have the same function, so this ability can not be called iPad Pro's unique is how. Having said that, it appears, at least in the actual use of good enough.

In contrast, iPad Pro supporting the Office application seems to be more impressive. Because Microsoft was carried out specifically optimization, you can use Apple Pencil to mark text, or choose from a range of writing instruments. In iOS 9 new split-screen mode, its effect can be to maximize. When the split-screen mode is not very suitable for use multitasking, copy and paste when processing is also very convenient.

iPad Pro is scheduled for November this year, priced from $ 799 (about 5095 yuan). It is also not cheap accessories, including Apple Pencil price of $ 99, and the keyboard is $ 169.

How to Transfer Contacts, Whatsapp Messages from iPad to iPad Pro?

Finally, you bought yourself a brand new iPad Pro, but now what might rack your brain is, how to transfer your favorite contacts, whatsapp history, songs, apps, movies, ebooks and lots of other useful data from old iPad to your brand new iPad Pro. Here we will walk you through the process and achieve the simple iPad to iPad transfer with tutorials.

Believe for iPad or Apple fans, recently they already very familiar with iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Especially the iPad Pro, I feel it is the coolest one in this series of products, more innovative, more lighter and thinner, renewed the enthusiasm of the users, cooperate with the new iOS 9 operating system, make the collaborative between iOS devices more better. I don’t know wheather will you planning to replace a fully new iPad Pro, but I’m sure there are a lot of users have already done, and they must interested in how to directly switch files from old iPad or iPhone to the new iPad, such as iPad Pro.

If you are tired of Apple ways of transferring and want a faster iPad to iPad transfer via your own PC, then iPad to iPad Transfer can be a good alternative. Unlike iTunes, iPad to iPad Transfer is a lite software that specially designed for iOS data transfer. You can have your contacts, whatsapp history, app, music, photos, movie, ebook, iTunesU, voice memo, contacts and other iPad Pro data perfectly transferred without Wifi. It fully supports all iOS and all iPad models then you don't need to upgrade your old iPad iOS. The only drawback is that the Mac version is currently unavailable. You need to run it on Windows PC.


Best way to transfer data contacts, whatsapp data from old iPad to new iPad Pro:

Step 1:Launch the iPad Data Transfer and choose the transfer mode

After installation, run it on your computer, you will see the primary interface as the below picture, now move your mouse to the “Phone to Phone Transfer” and click “Start” to enter the phone data transfer window.

Step 2:Connect both of your old iPad and iPad Pro to your computer

Now you will being notified that connect a sources device and a destination device via USB cable to the software. In other words, you ought to connect both of your old iPad and new iPad Pro to your computer by using Apples USB cable. If done, the program will automatically detect your devices.

Step 3:Transfer data between your old iPad and iPad Pro directly

Once your devices are recognized, you can see them appearing in the corresponding position, if you want to change the position of the sources device and destination device, please click “Flip” button.

As you can see, all the transferable content will being shown in the middle panel now, including contacts, whatsapp chat history, photos, music, videos and so on, just select those what you want to transfer, click “Start Copy” to get start.

The whole transfer process will be completed in an instant, now you can enjoy your new iPad heartily.


Tips: If you also want to resell your old iPad idevice, you really need to erase all your old iPad data permanently before selling to others, then, we recommend you the third-party iOS Data Eraser software.

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