Tyrant gold to benchmark the American people, too.

Apple's first gold is iPhone 5s, released on September 10, 2013. Fashion editor Jeff Carvalho comment Tyrant gold: It was probably the most unpopular color. According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that due to strong demand in China, Apple has also devoted additional yield golden paragraph.

When golden iPhone listed on the US market to bring more of a shock, but not surprise. According to Mashable reported that the Americans in their daily lives did not like gold, it is not possible to use gold belongings. In fact, young Chinese why is not it, though some of the older generation still like to collect a little gold, young people generally believe that gold was "vulgar." Anyway, I was a normal youth rarely seen wearing a Daikin chain.

"Gold is designed for Apple to build Asia" it is a reasonable guess, especially iPhone 5s listed Shihai first time China placed first on the list of countries.

May Day in 2013, coincides with the price of gold plummeted, China aunt rushed into the goldsmith shops sweep goods, so with "Aunt defeated China financial predators" scripts. Piece banter component is greater than the fact that, while the Chinese people's love of gold is real.

On the other side of the ocean, foreign users of the Tyrant gold Tucao heat comparable to "Platinum VS Blue Black" on the other. Nevertheless, the 2014 Golden Apple appeared on more products --iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, this year Apple is to bring a gold glittering conference. Apple insists expression with attitude: you will like, even if you do not like, it was like. Golden section proved popular in Asia, with China as the representative of the Asian market sales data all.

2015 first quarter, Apple's revenue in the Greater China region $ 16 billion, growth of 157%, almost caught up with the income of the European contribution. According to this trend, the next quarter, Greater China has become Apple's second-largest market is pretty close. Inference is such an important market, we can not fail to take account of local natural aesthetic tendencies.

After 5s gold elements will be subject to the influence of China and Asia hot sales, but "to build specifically for Asia," the statement somewhat arbitrary. Sales in Asia, the color is the reality, but this does not mean that Apple's anticipated results, the original Nama gold might just serendipitously.

Apple has always taken a simple color 5s suddenly when publishing on the gold, and 5C rainbow sugar, is to give consumers a surprise. Because we do not expect a new color was added, then the conference "Duang!" - This is not the same. Not so much to prepare specifically for Asia, it is more in the test market response with the new color. Results Asian market response is good, Apple also yielded numerous product applied to the gold.

According statisticbrain collected from Apple, AT & T, Sprint, Verizon's small-scale data, as of March 2015, 65.2% of consumers buy gold iPhone 6 Plus, gray and white are far behind. This data reflects the attitude of the US market today Tyrant gold: and my people as like!

Is "Asians like gold, Americans feel earth" stereotype exaggerated the differences between Chinese and Western aesthetic, or Asians like letting the golden stand became popular elements? This question was not answered. Consumers in both the acceptance of the influence of popular culture, but also shaping popular culture. Tyrant gold, is the world's businesses and consumers to shape the memes.


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Restore Deleted iPhone Photos Without Backup


Restore Deleted iPhone Photos Without Backup

Part 1: iPhone News
Part 2: Restore Deleted iPhone Photos Without Backup
Part 3: More related articles


iPhone News

Apple did not rise strongly pixel still get super-resolution patent

Easily compared to the current market among 13 million pixels, 16 million pixels, 20.7 million pixel camera, it will take everyone seems 8MP iPhone to compare. Some people have been wondering why Apple product since the iPhone for so long never excessive lifting pixel camera, he has been able to shoot relatively excellent photos. Of course, Apple is not no action, it will not look at competitors continue to juggle while they wait for their demise. The US Patent and Trademark Office for a new patent disclosure, revealed Apple to get super-resolution patent facts.

The information shows that Apple will consider the adoption of OIS optical image stabilization feature to allow iPhone can take out super-resolution (super-resolution) more powerful photo. OIS principle means of locating specific regulator, position sensors, inertial sensors, OIS processor, with high-speed continuous shooting function batch of photos taken from different angles, the final synthesis of a super-high-resolution photos. This OPPO Find 7 using 13 million pixel camera sold for 50 million-pixel high-definition photos of some of the same principle, but did not use the OIS function Find 7, and Apple patent is expected to improve after joining OSI will shake the case of ambiguity.

It is reported that this patent in 2012 would have applied, but now we have not seen this feature in iPhone 6 body. And Apple intends to use the patent in the future, do not know if it will be adopted into the next generation of iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 body. To be sure, though never lift iPhone camera pixels, but by some other technique to obtain better quality pictures, the answer might be able to answer at the beginning part of the user held doubts.


Restore Deleted iPhone Photos Without Backup

Delete your photo accidently? Erase all your photos by clear up the storage space of your iPhone? Want to recover my photos immediately? It's time for Recovery Expert to help. There are there ways to solve this problem. It's not difficult at all, as long as you follow the guide below, even you lost your phone. Check it out!

No need searching for the iPhone Photos Recovery tool through the Internet, I will recommend you such a professional iPhone recovery tool for you. The tool is called Dr.Fone for iOS. Both of the two versions enable you to recover deleted photos in an easy way. Also, other files such as video, photos, music can all be extracted in an easy way.

Note: Currently, both Windows and Mac versions allow you to scan iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone 5s/5, iPhone 4/4s to restore media contents directly, such as voice memos, photo library, photo stream, message attachments, and camera roll. The others only let you to retrieve text contents incorporating contacts,messages, notes, calendar, call logs, reminders, bookmarks and Safari.


Step 1. Launch iPhone Photo Recovery program & connect iPhone to PC

Now, you are required to connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable. The program will detect your iPhone immediately and then display your device in the starting window. Now, please click the button “Start Scan” to begin scanning your device. During the scan, you can start previewing the found data.

Step 2:Scan lost photos from your iPhone

The program will start scanning data on your iPhone automatically. You just need to wait for the end of scanning and check for the scanning result.

Step 3. Begin to preview and recover iPhone photos

While the program is scanning, you can start to preview data, or you can do it when the scan finished. It’s a well-organized scanning report. The program allows you to preview and check all data by the category. If you want to recover your iPhone photos, please choose Camera Roll or Photo Stream to preview them first. Then mark the data you want and save on your computer by clicking “Recover” button.

You should keep your iPhone 6/6 plus/5s/5/4s/7/6s connected to your computer during the whole process.

Note: As you can see, the photos shown in the scan result contain both the deleted photos and the existing photos in different colors on your iPhone. If you want to get back the deleted photos only, you can use the button on the top: Only display the deleted items.



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Look how Apple lowered the threshold by the Medical Research Software Development

One of the most difficult medical research is to obtain adequate clinical trial samples. For that I am a little experience: Medical school when the school will send a weekly e-mail to recruit study volunteers, most of which were thrown into the trash me directly.

Most people do medical research volunteers reservations. In addition to becoming discomfort mice, distrust of outside the hospital, but also because of a research volunteer is not an easy undertaking. Although sometimes get paid a lot of money, but on condition that the whole must work with a doctor, many studies also need long-term record of the body index, and subject to regular visits. Therefore, medical research institutions, research volunteers are recruited first-ever major problem. Penn Medicine doctoral student Kathryn Schmitz on Apple mentioned that she sent out 60,000 e-mail to recruit study volunteers, only 305 responses were received.

Apple realized that manpower is a smartphone for clinical research data collection tool. Users have become accustomed to allow smartphones to collect fingerprints from locations such as personal information, the current smart phone hardware has long been supported by the development of more sophisticated software. The problem is that medical researchers are not good at making user-oriented software, did not have time and money to develop a stand-alone app, and UI design for each function.

Apple tried to approach software development to reduce the threshold to recruit volunteers in medical research. Apple officially announced last week, much talk at the conference in March of the developer of the framework ResearchKit. User-oriented monitoring and personal health information HealthKit different, ResearchKit target audience is developers aim through the development process and the use of standardized methods for sample collection methods for innovative clinical research.

Developers ResearchKit framework consists of three modules that can be customized: Participants license (Participant Consent), surveys (Survey), active task (Active Task). It meets Mac / iOS programming specifications, but they are also an open source project on GitHub. For medical researchers, the biggest benefit is to provide a standardized paradigm, controlled GUI, thus simplifying the development process.

"Active Tasks" (Active Task) is ResearchKit develop the basic unit, follow a protocol called ORKTask. Apple iPhone hardware features preset according to some of the basic activities of the task, and lists the sensors which are called, to collect data. For example, gait and balance, click speed test, health, spatial memory tests and so on. For example, after adding an activity gait and balance this task, the application can call the acceleration sensors, gyroscopes and motion pedometer data collection devices. Developers can also add your own active tasks.

Activities include a series of tasks in an orderly arrangement of objects: "Step" (step). Steps include simple "if" answer, such as "Do you read and understand the above," also includes a display table, and other actions to collect information from the voice or memory tests.

Therefore, developers can like building blocks, setting a series of steps to collect critical data, and combine them to active duty to go join to form the main functions of the app. This is more than an ordinary iOS app developers a lot easier. To further simplify the operation, ResearchKit also provides many preset options, for example, can add the most simple "is the" answer, select an answer and values, or enter the date and text in step.

In addition, between each step and activity task has a view controller (ORKStepViewController) to generate interaction. ArsTechnica article mentioned that, generally speaking, developers need to write the details of the interaction in Xcode. The use ResearchKit framework, only need to set the step object (ORKQuestionStep) and added to the active task to go, after setting up the interface will be automatically generated by the underlying framework. This further reduces the development threshold.

ResearchKit not offer features include background sensor data collection, which means that the application can not continue to collect data, but you can grab data HealthKit and CoreMotion API. ResearchKit not support pre-investigation or active task, so the app can not be sent on ResearchKit timed reminder to the user. In addition, for the purpose of user privacy, Apple does not go back on your own server to store data, so the researchers to ensure the secure transmission of data back to their own research institutions.

ResearchKit not only simplifies the first step in the study, but also simplifies the steps the user authorized to participate in medical research. Users only need to read the statement and signature confirmation on the phone screen you can participate in the study. Collaboration with Mount Sinai, Weill Cornell Medical College to develop asthma applications LifeMap Solution CEO Corey Brideges think, ResearchKit most revolutionary part is to provide a standard licensing agreement, allowing users to participate in medical research time and financial costs greatly reduced the scope of the sample and the number increased.

In an interview in Bridege ArsTechnica said, generally speaking, the number of participants in a clinical study by the geographical restrictions, obtain permission to include participants in terms of cost constraints. The cost on the App Click licensing is very small, and users do not need to visit the hospital, as long as the smart phone will be able to carry at all times to provide research data.

Bridge said that in the first week of ResearchKit released, he and Mt. Sinai Hospital researchers jointly developed app to get a license 4500 participants. He said:

Electronic license is groundbreaking because it can help medical researchers who present a major obstacle to clinical research breakthroughs. It can reach the world's Internet users use the iPhone, increase volunteers participated in the study, significantly expanding the size of the sample, while reducing costs.

Bridge also believes that "Compared with traditional research, ResearchKit improve the efficiency of the entire process of data collection and research, and to collect more comprehensive data." Environmental data is a good example of such monitoring by patients with asthma app symptoms, location, air quality and other comprehensive indicators to help establish environmental and symptoms in medical research links this information is accurate clinical data collection in the current difficult to obtain.


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iPhone 6 Problems and How to Fix Them
Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6


iPhone 6 Problems and How to Fix Them

Having some problems with your iPhone 6? We might be able to help...

The iPhone 6 is arguably Apple’s best phone ever and easily one of the finest handsets you can pick up today. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Far from it.

Now that the handset is over six months old, we've rounded up some of the known issues and missing features that have been knocking around since launch. Some you'll have to live with, and others we've offered solutions to avoid running into those big problems so they don't bother you again.

Rapid battery drain

This isn’t really a problem exclusive to the iPhone 6. We’ve seen Apple’s handsets throughout the years suffering from batteries that power down in no time at all, but we’ve had particularly strange incidents with the current model.

Apple only marginally ramped up battery capacity from 1,560 mAh in the iPhone 5S to a 1,810 mAh version in the iPhone 6. So when you take into consideration that larger, high resolution display and those more powerful internals, it’s not hard to see why you may run into some battery issues.

We’ve experienced a couple of really quick drops in battery percentage during our use of the iPhone 6, plus a number of times when it would barely make it past lunch, but there's a couple of things you can do to avoid it.

How to fix it - With the iPhone 6, more than any other iPhone we have to say, keeping the brightness at the lower end of the scale really helps stretch out the battery further. Either turning on auto-brightness or ensuring your brightness is never more than 50% should do the trick. Jacking it up further seems to make the device eat through battery no end.

There’s also the obvious suggestions - turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when you’re not using them and close processor heavy apps. Oh, and maybe pick up an external battery.

Wi-Fi problems

If there’s one complaint we’ve heard far more than any others when it comes to problems with the iPhone 6, it’s how flaky the Wi-Fi seems to be.

Whether it’s having trouble finding your local network, constantly losing connection to that network or just slow performance. The problems seem to be plentiful.

Now, this is probably a software issue, we’ve had similar problems on the iPad Mini 3, so a simple update from Apple could sort everything out. Every time Apple has pushed out an updated version of iOS 8 (there's been seven so far), these problems still seems to exist.

How to fix it - Aside from waiting for another update from Apple that could patch the issue, we’ve found a couple of tips that seem to work.

The quickest solution involves heading into Settings, select Reset and tap on Reset Network Settings. Don’t panic, this won’t wipe your device but it will clear all your network settings. Now log back in to your WiFi network and see if the problem is sorted.

If that doesn’t work, go back into Settings, then Privacy and tap on Location Services. Scroll down to System Settings and turn on Wi-Fi Networking.

iOS 8 bugs

With all software you’d expect to find bugs, but for some reason iOS 8 seemed to hide more of those niggling issues than any other release from Apple.

We’ve experienced Safari crashing randomly for no reason, Spotlight search simply not returning any results, random reboots of the entire device, multiple issues when we’re connecting to Bluetooth speakers and countless others.

A particularly annoying problem we’ve found is with one of the headline iOS 8 features, Continuity. When combined with OS X Yosemite, Continuity is meant to bring your phone and computer closer together, routing texts and calls right to your desktop. Once everything is set-up, which is fairly simple, things do seem to work most of the time, but it’s far from flawless.


Nearly always our phone will start ringing about 15 seconds before the computer kicks in, which will carrying on after we’ve accepted the call. There’s also situations where messages simply don’t show up in the app.

How to fix it - With the majority of these bugs there’s no way to really fix them, you’ll just have to wait until Apple releases a fix. Early iOS 9 rumours suggest the next big software update will be focussed on culling these bugs, rather than introducing new features. So the wait might not be too long.

With the Continuity problems, we did find the logging out of your iCloud account on both the phone and computer and restarting each device and then logging back in did seem to eradicate the missing messages.

It might bend…but it probably won’t

On the whole the launch of the iPhone 6 was a success for Apple. It received rave reviews, sold in copious amounts and got plenty of people talking. But, it wasn’t without its controversy. Just like ‘AntennaGate’ marred the launch of the iPhone 4, ‘BendGate’ took a bit of the shine off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release.

First reported by members of a forum on Apple fansite MacRumours, the furore surrounded a number of devices, mostly iPhone 6 Plus handsets, bending when users sat down. It escalated pretty fast, with YouTube becoming a dumping ground for users putting full force into attempting to bend their shiny new iPhones.

And yes, we found out you could in fact bend this ridiculously thin aluminium device if you tried ever so hard.

How to fix it - If you are worried about your phone bending, your best bet is to pick up a case. Any tough rimmed cover should do the trick, even Apple’s own official cases are a good fit.

It’s very thin and slippery

Along with a faster processor and improved optics, there’s another selling point we can always expect Apple to play up when it announces a new phone - it’s thinner and lighter.

The iPhone 6 is the thinnest device in the series and it makes the iPhone 5S look positively chubby, but when you combine it with the curved build and slippery aluminium it equals a phone that can be quite hard to hold.

How to fix it - On a number of occasions we’ve been moments away having a cracked iPhone 6 due to the slippery nature of the device, but our advice on avoiding this is to wrap the phone in a skin. Our pick is DBrand, a company that makes textured covers for the back and sides of the iPhone 6 that add a much more textured and grippy feel. Unlike a case, they don’t add any extra bulk.

The native Apple apps aren’t that great

Before the App Store existed, Apple’s native apps were the best around. That's because they were the only ones you could plaster on your homescreen. However, in recent years developers have built their own apps that work much better than the Apple designed ones.

The Mail client for example lacks a number of features we’ve become accustomed too, push Gmail for one, and the Reminders app is beaten by almost every third party alternative out there. Aside from the Messages and Phone apps, both of which can’t really be changed, we’ve found better alternative for almost all of Apple’s native apps.

How to fix it - Simple, just download a replacement. We’ve replaced Calendar with Fantastical 2, Reminders with Wunderlist, Mail with Outlook and Maps with Google Maps. You can also ditch Photos and use Dropbox’s picture sharing and storing app Carousel, but we’ve been quite impressed with iCloud Photo Library, so we’re sticking to Photos for now.

TouchID not recognising your digit

Since its addition to the iPhone 5S, TouchID has been one of our favourite features on Apple’s smartphone. It’s easy to set-up, lets you open apps with sensitive information without entering a passcode and makes unlocking your device a breeze. But, it doesn’t always work as advertised.

We’ve experienced a few occasions, maybe one out of every 10 attempts, where TouchID simply does not recognise our digits.

How to fix it - Depending on the situation, there are a couple of ways to get TouchID working more consistently.

For us, a lot of problems come from the sensor being dirty. A quick wipe of the home button and ensuring it’s always smudge free does go a long way.

If that doesn’t work, try deleting your fingerprint and adding it in again. Head into Settings, then TouchID, enter your passcode and then swipe to delete all the stored fingerprints. Tap Add a Fingerprint and follow the instructions.


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Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6

Part 1: iPhone 6 Problems
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Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6 
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iPhone 6 Problems

Having some problems with your iPhone 6? We might be able to help...

The iPhone 6 is arguably Apple’s best phone ever and easily one of the finest handsets you can pick up today. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Far from it.

Now that the handset is over six months old, we've rounded up some of the known issues and missing features that have been knocking around since launch. Some you'll have to live with, and others we've offered solutions to avoid running into those big problems so they don't bother you again.

Rapid battery drain

Wi-Fi problems

iOS 8 bugs

It might bend…but it probably won’t

It’s very thin and slippery

The native Apple apps aren’t that great

TouchID not recognising your digit


Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6 

Accidentally deleted your important data from your iPhone 6? Lost data on your iPhone 6? If you want to recover your iPhone data, just keep reading this article.

iPhone system updates quickly, In wrong cases, such as jailbreak, iOS devices crash, delete information from your iPhone by touching the screen the wrong way etc., your data is gone. But don’t despair, iPhone Data Recovery software is an easy-to-use utility that enables you to quickly recover data stored on your iPhone, as well as iPad or iPod touch, in an iTunes backup, or in your iCloud backup.

Recover Deleted & Lost data from iPhone 6

iPhone iPad Data Recovery software is designed to help iPhone/iPad/iPod touch users to recover deleted data from iPhone 6 in three recovery modes. It now can work in three ways, which are shown in details as below. You can download this Data recovery for iPhone to have a try, and you will find out that all your iPhone lost data, including photos, messages, contacts, notes, videos, etc. can be restored with this powerful software.


How to recover lost or deleted data from iPhone 6/6 Plus

Step 1. Run the program and connect your iPhone to computer

You’ll get the the main window below after installing and launching the iPhone Data Recovery program on your computer

Step 2:Scan lost files from your iPhone 6

The program will start scanning data on your iPhone 6 automatically. You just need to wait for the end of scanning and check for the scanning result.

Step 3. Begin to preview and recover iPhone data

While the program is scanning, you can start to preview data, or you can do it when the scan finished. It’s a well-organized scanning report. The program allows you to preview and check all data by the category. If you want to recover your iPhone data. Then mark the data you want and save on your computer by clicking “Recover” button.


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               Good News Apple Lovers! iPhone 6 Benchmarked With iOS 9 Test

Good News Apple Lovers! iPhone 6 Benchmarked With iOS 9 Test

As an Apple enthusiast, you will agree that you have two reasons to celebrate the year. The first one arrives in June when your favourite iPhone manufacturer debuts the latest iOS platform version during the Worldwide Developers Conference held annually. The second reason is generally during the end of summer or during early fall season while Apple is releasing its iOS along with the latest model of its much celebrated iPhone. Last year, we had high hopes about Apple releasing both the devices, namely iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. However, the manufacturer has not made any official conformation about its new releases on the pipeline this year.

Even though it is the beginning of the year, Apple is working hard with its latest iOS 9 as it has planned to offer few major enhancements to this platform. This is well evident through the benchmark test results which reveal that iPhone is testing an early version of the much touted iOS9 for the very first time. The fresh Rightware benchmarking has offered us the details that the iPhone 6 is testing the successor of iOS 8.

Based on the news source reports, the next generation Apple software is at the testing stage right now. This news also indicates that since the iOS 9 is under testing phase, Apple might have an aim to launch the developer edition as a preview when the summer begins. Earlier, it has also released a developer preview version of iOS 8 during the summer season. While you are reading this article, the features of ioS 9 are not revealed. However we can understand that the iPhone 6’s performance with iOS 9 would be not be much different than the devices performance with its predecessor.

If we remember clearly, a screenshot of the Google Analytics showed that the company in Cupertino was working with the latest iOS version. It also told us that some Apple employees have been using iOS9 test builds in two months time after the iOS 8 release. Some sources also state that iOS 9 would first hit the market on the latest iPhone this year and later it would be a preloaded feature in the iPad (next generation). Some of the unannounced Apple iPads that will have this impressive software would be iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 3, iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

Coming to the benchmark database of Rightware, the leak about the performance of iOS 9 brings both good news and bad news for Apple buffs.

The bad news is that the leak does not indicate that the release would be much quicker than in June as we have not been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the first iOS 9 beta before the annual event, WWDC. And the good news is that as the iOS 9 details is available much early, it indicates that its performance would be much better like its sibling running on iPhone 6.

Based on the tests that were conducted, the iPhone 6 that run on iOS 6 grabbed a 1600.06 score in Basemark OS II test by Rightware. The iPhones that run on iOS 8 have also got a score ranging from 1264.65 to 1620.94 in a similar test. Impressive isn’t it?


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Recover iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus Photos After iOS 9 Upgrade

Recover iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus Photos After iOS 10 Upgrade

Recover iPhone 5S/6/6 Plus Photos After iOS 10 Upgrade

As we know, many iPhone users like to upgrade their device system to iOS 10 to pursue newly function. However, not every user can finish the updating without any data lost, and some of them may lost their important data and turn to Apple Store for help. Actually, there is a great way to recover the lost data, iPhone Data Recovery is one of the choices for you.

Upgrading is one a the reason that will cause data losing. However, there still so many situation, like: broken, water damaged, dead, stolen. iPhone Data Recovery can solve data lost in all this situations. Now, I will tell you the way to restore iPhone photos after upgrading to iOS 10 from iTunes backup file. Anyway, you can also try to recover you lost data by scanning your iPhone directly.


How to Recover iPhone Photos after iOS 10 Upgrade

Step 1. Select your backup file and start scanning

Launch the iPhone Data Recovery software after downloading and installing it on the computer. There are three kinds of recovery mode here, choose "Recover from iTunes backup file". Then all backup files will be automatically found and displayed. Choose the recent one of your device and click the "Start Scan" button to let the program scan your iPhone data from backup file.

Step 2. Check and Retrieve lost photos

All your backup data will scanned out and displayed in categories after the scan. You can preview them and choose whatever you want to recover, not only photos, but also videos, contacts, call history, note and more. Then Restore and backup those data on the computer by clicking "Recover" button.

Note: To avoid losing your iPhone data again, you had better backup with your iPhone from time to time.


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iPhone 7 release date, news and rumors


iPhone 7 release date, news and rumors

Latest update: We could see an iPhone 6C alongside the iPhone 6S. Plus Apple seems to be working hard on its batteries and Force Touch might be exclusive to the iPhone 6S Plus.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been with us long enough now that we're getting a little tired of them. Fickle, we know. But the mooted specs and features of the new iPhone (probably called the iPhone 6S, with the iPhone 7 coming in 2016) are starting to trickle out.

Current highlights include Force Touch, the Apple SIM, a DSLR-quality camera and double the RAM of the iPhone 6, so you're free to start getting excited.

We've also rounded up 10 things we think should appear in the next iteration for Apple to finally have the all-conquering handset it's been trying to create for so many years.

What would you like to see in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7? Do let us know in the comments. But before we get to what we want to see, here are the best (and most believable) of the rumors on offer so far:

Cut to the chase

What is it? Apple's next flagship
When is it out? Very likely September 2015
What will it cost? A lot, at least £539 / $649 / AU$999

Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 release date

We can take an educated guess that the iPhone 6S will launch in September 2015, as previous models have launched in that same month.

On the other hand, a source speaking to StableyTimes claims that Apple might bring the release of the iPhone 6S forward to coincide with the Apple Watch in the spring. Let's be clear though: that will not happen. Now the Watch is coming in April there's no way we're going to see another iPhone at the same time.

Samsung is reportedly already producing the A9 processor that is expected to be included in the iPhone 6S though, so it's possible that it could arrive before September.

Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 design

There are numerous Apple patents in the wild which point to weird and wonderful designs, but haven't yet come to anything, such as more than one for a phone with a curved display, a little like the Galaxy Note Edge. It's possible that we could see that in the iPhone 6S, but we'd be very surprised.

Not only would it be a risky move to bring something so untested to market but Apple has just redesigned its handsets with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, so in all likelihood this year's models will stick to roughly the same design, albeit with beefed up innards, such as a faster A9 processor.

While we haven't seen the iPhone 6S yet, we may have seen the iPhone 6C. The existence of such a phone is looking ever more likely, with a handful of reports and rumors now pointing to one. We might also be seeing pink, as other rumors suggest Apple will be adding a pink option to its flagship line-up.

Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 screen

While the design probably won't change much, the screen might, as rumors suggest that Apple has teamed with Foxconn to produce sapphire displays for the iPhone 6S.

Such screens were rumored for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but production difficulties seemingly got in the way. Hopefully this time we actually will get them as it would bring better scratch protection and higher visibility to the screen.

There are also rumors that Apple might release another 4-inch phone this year and it may even have curved screen edges in line with the iPhone 6, so while larger sizes are likely to remain an option it seems the Cupertino company might not have abandoned its smaller handsets.

Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 rivals

As the only flagship iOS device the iPhone 6S will be in the fortunate position of not having any direct rivals. But look towards Android and it could have quite a lot of competition. The HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 are high end alternatives and are likely to have dropped in price considerably by the time the iPhone 6S launches.


Both also sport a premium design, making them every bit as aesthetically pleasing as the iPhone 6. Speaking of the iPhone 6, that too could be a rival, since the iPhone 6S will probably have the same look and may not have many new features.

Then there's the upcoming LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z4 which could tempt all but the staunchest of Apple fans and Samsung is bound to have another Note up its sleeve, with the Galaxy Note 5 likely to be a serious iPhone 6S Plus rival.
Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 camera and battery

According to Daring Fireball's John Gruber, the iPhone 6S will have "the biggest camera jump ever", featuring a two-lens system which apparently brings it up to DSLR quality. We could even speculate what that camera might be, as Sony has announced a 21MP stacked CMOS sensor which might fit the bill, especially as Sony currently supplies Apple with camera modules.

There's even an outside chance that the camera might include a lens swap feature, making it even more like a DSLR, as back in early 2014 an Apple patent for swappable lenses was uncovered, though patents don't always turn into products.

But don't hold your breath for these features, as the original two-lens rumor has had doubt cast on it by a separate source, claiming that it won't happen as it would apparently require a radical redesign of the chassis- something we're not likely to see until the following year.

The battery may be in for a boost though, as Apple is seemingly going on a hiring spree for battery-related positions.

Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 OS and power

The iPhone 6S will of course come with a new processor, probably dubbed the A9 and we're hearing again that Samsung is in the frame to build the chip, which will apparently be 15% smaller, 20% more powerful and 35% more power efficient than the Apple A8 processor found in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

It will also be better to flick around, thanks to the mooted upgrade in the specs- 2GB of RAM would certainly soup up an already zippy phone and it's an upgrade which has now been rumored a second time, so it might well happen. That said, the obvious worry is whether developers hoovering up that extra power will cause Apple to return to its usual battery woes.

Reports suggest Apple will publicly try out its next operating system through a beta system later this summer. According to reports from 9to5mac Apple will let users sign up to a beta programme for iOS 9 with access coming to those public testers at some point during the summer.

If the rumors are to be believed it will then launch on the iPhone 6S/7, but will likely only supply bug fixes and won't introduce any major new features.

Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 other features

The iPhone 6S could get two innovative features if rumors are to be believed. First up there's the Apple SIM, which first appeared in the iPad Air 2 and allows users to switch network without changing their SIM card. Network freedom would be great, but we're not convinced that carriers will support it.

The other rumored feature takes the form of 'Force Touch'. This is something we're first seeing on the Apple Watch and it allows the display to differentiate between different strength presses, responding in different ways.

According to sources speaking to Apple Insider and echoed by The Wall Street Journal, the feature will make it across to the iPhone 6S (or possibly just the iPhone 6S Plus).

Aside from those things it's expected that support for Apple's new streaming music service will be included in the iOS 8.4 update, but that isn't confirmed just yet so Apple may wait until iOS 9 on the iPhone 6S and bring it in as a major new feature. The music streaming service comes after Apple purchased Beats last year and is expected to take on the tough competition of Spotify.

Apple iPhone 6S / iPhone 7 cost

There aren't yet any rumors associated with the cost of the iPhone 6S, but we can take an educated guess that it won't start at less than £539 / $649 / AU$999, since that's what you're looking at for an iPhone 6.

The only possible exception to that is the iPhone 6C, which likely will be a little cheaper if it exists. If anything though the iPhone 6S might be even more expensive, since it's likely to be jam-packed with high-end tech.


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Photographers and artists see how iPhone / iPad creation.

Apple recently a Chinese official online line "with the iPhone 6 shooting," the page, showing the excellent photo shoot with the iPhone many users, and cited the shooting software they use, to encourage more customers to use iPhone to take pictures.

In fact, there are many artists and photographers dedicated iPhone and iPad with creative and create new styles.

For example, Li Shuo, a continuous exploration of the photographer. When he tried to shoot mobile handsets, mobile process with Longexpo iPhone 6 Plus tracks on the record, and then modified Mextures polish, eventually drawing the general artistic effect. Beijing Hutong those unique and temple architecture, in which the performance of the situation appears to be more flavor.

Shooting tips:

When shooting, the most difficult is not how to get mobile phone vague and not see what the picture is, but worth looking for those looking to shoot even shoot out scene.

I like to roam in the alley, more like those red door and couplets courtyard, under slightly gloomy brick particularly eye-catching. Just a car into the alley shooting, I finished the picture when it enters, but fortunately it did not impede traffic narrow alley.

This picture of the courtyard, in fact, was built next to the ancient Beijing transport coal from the northern mountain trail. Now there have been sparsely populated, but even those building new construction, still retain the traditional style. The most interesting is shaped like a snow footprints on the ground, along the path leading to the distance.

Shooting tips:

ITC is one of Beijing's most prosperous areas, but in the New Year here pedestrian become scarce. I came here in such an evening. Just West Ramp sun rise from the gap between the overpass and shone through, as searchlights generally projected on the sidewalk, while a pedestrian walk so hastily, leaving a long shadow and red posture. Is it a coincidence when shooting, but also the moment I've been waiting for.

I really like the black and white of expression, allowing the picture is more simple, pure, especially suitable for building performance. Du Jiakan passing a particular toll station, where there are just three railway through the huge bridge to let the already wide roads are so small. While I passed under the bridge, lower the window fast shooting, a white car across from the lens, so that the screen much embellishment.

Both old Beijing Hutong, also modern architecture, which so often walking through a kind of sense. This is like a mirror to see pictures like this, would doubt which side is true. This photo is in fact close to the ground to shoot the iPhone, because the tiles are very clean wipe, so reflecting reflection is very clear.

Fang Fang is a freelance artist, 13 years of creation began with the iPad, 14 July invited to Wangfujing flagship visual arts special events. During Chinese New Year, she made a circle of friends "interactive topic," according to the context creative responses painting.

Which, APP painting are mainly used Procreate / Waterlogue two; demo video production uses Procreate and iMovie these two applications.

Works Appreciation:

Writing experience:

The project was conceived and started on the road, which I move a project studio. "Artists are not creative works in a vacuum, you should open the face of different views and status. If you just keep repeating the work in the studio ...... maybe for me it is a waste of time wandering in a different way (there will be disturbed and lost), and reading, as important as watching movies, all my creative source "art. Just to see a young American artist interviews dialogue, which also expressed what I mean. I think this idea online reunion, then launched the "New Year" topic on the micro-channel. Family is very precious, we are looking more broadly Weimang individuals, the network made a new connection for us, this time there are a lot of - you want to draw down slowly to draw it.


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