iPhone new patents: we can see whether the other easy to answer the phone

April 16, according to Yahoo News reported that the US Patent and Trademark Office has recently passed a new Apple patent, the patent can make a lot of iPhone combines objective information, such as time zone, operating mode, nearby cell phone signal strength and other information, automatically inform the user whether the current suit with a friend called or receive calls.

According to AppleInsider reported that three years ago, Apple patent application, entitled "according to the state to determine whether the user is a mobile phone to facilitate contact" (Methods to determine availability of user based on mobile phonestatus).

This patent shows that the system will automatically send IM iPhone status information, allow other users to dynamically view. So iPhone users can easily know whether the other for calls.

Specifically, the first mobile phone to automatically report its operating status to the central server, mobile phone users can request to see the second paragraph of the first mobile phone status information, and determines whether the first mobile phone users to easily answer the phone.

iPhone reporting system runs continuously in the background, the updated information, including operating mode, device location, near the cell phone signal strength, current battery life time.


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