iPhone SE Rendering Summary, Which One Is Your Favorite?

With the iPhone SÈ released more news, product renderings began debut, related media have given their acquired version, after the summary can be divided into three versions.

Apple iPhone 4-inch screen, the new machine recently fired too hot, not only phone name changed again, and related to the shape and configuration of the aircraft is also different opinions. Recently, the French will be based on the current site nowhereelse rumors spread three, making the iPhone SE version of the three renderings for our all-round display many changes this new machine, interested friends may wish to take a look, which money is really your heart design.

Third Edition unveiled renderings

The French website nowhereelse made iPhoneSE renderings are from three versions of the Apple news site 9to5mac, well-known Fact people @ Onleaks and the German website Curved. Wherein, 9to5mac version of the iPhone SE appearance with the iPhone 5s closer, including the fuselage surrounding buttons, speaker and headphone jack and camera flash and style are no significant changes compared to the past, but to be slightly rounded edges of the phone number.

The version disclosed @Onleaks looks more like the iPhone 6, but the days of the edge portion of the body lines have disappeared, and the back of the "vaginal discharge" is not so conspicuous, and the speaker at the bottom of the fuselage, while retaining the symmetry of iPhone 5s design, but exactly the same number of holes left and right ends. As Curved version of the iPhone SE also quite similar with the iPhone 6, but the days of the lines more obvious, not only raised some cameras, and flash is also circular, and the power button does not appear in the top of the fuselage on the whole and not much iPhone 5s shadow.

Although it is unclear which version of the rendering closer to the real iPhone SE, but at least from the point of view Foxconn news, 9to5mac version higher reliability, meaning that the machine shape looks more like iPhone 5s but will join 2.5D curved front panel, so the edge part of the phone number appear more rounded and smooth. In addition, Onleaks no day version of the fuselage edge lines of the design seems to be more in line with current trends, and the bottom speaker design and previous exposure more consistent design, so the overall shape may 9to5mac version plus version Onleaks local details, is Apple's new iPhone SE 4-inch screen really looks like.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the current foreign media has been widely referred to as the machine iPhone SE, but according to friends on social media exposure of the suspected spy box, it seems that the name of the machine is still iPhone 5SE, and mobile phones appearance and German versions of the website Curved disclosed after close. However, it is unclear whether the exposure box made of PS.

What will be the final launch of the iPhone SE, let's magical to see.

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