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Apple today open to the public system iOS 9 public beta (Public Beta). And developer-oriented version, which is the face of the average user of the test version, Apple hopes in this way to allow more users to help improve an iOS system together to prepare for the launch of the official version this fall.
How to install iOS 9 On iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Brush process

First to be reminded that this is just a test version and unofficial version, so there may be a variety of instability. We recommend not to use your favorite iPhone or iPad to try; if it is determined to try, make a complete backup of applications and data in iTunes or iCloud cloud.
Download iOS 9 On Your iPhone or iPad

iOS 9 update page

iOS 9 upgrade Page

It is worth mentioning that the installation of iOS 9 beta without DFU brush machine, as long as the beta that page after login, will guide users to install the profile restart the software update will see the new system of local push. In addition, as the server reasons, push updates often check the error, you can try a few times. In a word of warning before you start work in, because there is not the official version, the upgrade may be all kinds of instability after iOS 9 beta, be sure to pay attention to.(How to Recover Lost Contacts from iPhone After Upgrading to iOS 9

Active Intelligence:

Intelligence is iOS 9 relative iOS 8 biggest improvement, although on the surface is not so easy to see it's there.

The so-called "smart" does not refer to a specific function, but throughout the entire system.

Apple uses a "pre-judgment" mechanism. Such as inserting a headset will start the music player, which features other manufacturers have, but Apple want more, they will determine at what time the user access the headset to determine what type of music the user needs at this time, such as getting up in the morning and evening bedtime, before connecting headphones and automotive equipment, launch music application may be different.

iOS 9 will give more "proactive" proposal in a different environment, for example, when a user in the gym, iOS 9 will determine whether the user likes the music that comes with the application; access car when it may start podcast. This judgment theoretically over time become more accurate, but because of the limited time, we can not determine that.

Another, more obvious "active intelligence" reflects the search.

Apple users most frequently used contacts and applications in the search bar below, at different times of day and location, they will change. For example, after work and came home from work, contacts, and applications will be different under the search bar. Moreover, this change will unify appear on multiple devices of the same Apple ID.

Before we wrote the El Capitan beta experience, already mentioned change-spam features. This is the iOS 9 has also been reflected, it is reflected in many places minutiae.

For example, "received the message - see appointment invitation - to manually add it to the calendar" Before this use for many years in a conventional manner on iOS 9 will be different. iOS 9 will automatically determine if there is an appointment invitation in the mail, and then automatically add it to your calendar, without human intervention; if A and I have had e-mail contact, but I did not save him the phone number, when he made a telephone call to The system displays the name of A in the bottom of the phone number, suggesting that he call back.(Recover Lost iPad Pictures, Videos after iOS 9 Upgrade

Of course, to achieve this function automatic calendar, a prerequisite is the bearer of this information is Apple's official application, which most of the core functions of the user point of Apple's own products. Will open interfaces to third-party applications, so that in the future such micro-channel ground gas products to replace e-mail also achieve this function, it is uncertain.

Siri improvements:

Opportunity and also with the launch of iPhone 4s Siri now appeared less and less on iOS 9, Siri is back sense of presence. Its speed and accuracy with 40% improvement, and also learned fuzzy search skills.

In the previous iOS system, you can say to Siri "Open Photo", it will open the album it. But in iOS 9, this statement can be more vague, but the results are more accurate. For example, said, "Show me photographs of June in Beijing", Siri will understand "photo" means and added constraints of time and place, the results presented; if OS X through facial recognition photo, you can even He said, "give me a certain picture" can be achieved.

Also on the album, but some changes, such as iOS 9 front camera will recognize the photo shoot, or a series of continuous, automatic induction to put them in an album.

New applications and improvements:

Provider China, Apple map data in the high moral map, mainly in terms of fonts and localization data bus, in fact, a detailed written about the experience we have in El Capitan beta. iOS 9 function is nothing more than the interface for the phone line screen adaptation. Currently we only carried out sample tests in Beijing, bus data, time information, and even out of the station subway station marker is comprehensive.

A new feature of Apple maps are "near", this really can not be considered a more advanced ...... already in Baidu map, Tencent map or even a third party APP high German map and the like.

More significant changes is the memo from a single text to a greater variety of expression, this software is more complex functions, the Apple way of trying to control the use of it does not become complicated, according to previous habits no problem in performance mode requires more time, can be found naturally in the software brush graffiti, or share button will link into the memo.

On the iPad, input methods are a special little details: When you put two fingers on the keyboard, will become cursor control, can more freely control the cursor position, while avoiding finger and keyboard input position of the two regions switching, in addition, there is a long press of the selected word, copy paste buttons and other functions; but this is changing input iOS longstanding habit, need time to adapt.

Point rehearsal apple iPad productivity tools to carry out the transition, just be a little when it comes to the input function, more reflected in the Slide Over, Split View and PIP these three functions. Slide Over is a multi-tasking presentation, Split View is the long-rumored "multi-task interface," so iPad can become a productivity tool, but its hardware is required, in order to use only iPad Air2; PIP this feature makes implement multitasking, but currently supports PIP function video only Safari online browsing, or iPad local video, other third-party software does not support, video support half the maximum width of the screen size, holding a quarter of the minimum width a screen size.


Battery technology development for many years, the major manufacturers are helpless, extend the life of the basic approach is to increase the battery or reduce power consumption.

Apple chose the latter, they system is optimized, if used as a test tool for iPhone 6, under normal conditions, it can be more than iOS 8 life of about 1 hour; manually open the low-power mode, the system will shut email and push out the background animation effects, can bring an additional 3 hours of battery life for the iPhone 6.

At the expense of the latter part of the experience for the price, but Apple between the power and the experience to do a little balanced consideration, this sacrifice is not as Android phones "super energy-saving" so extreme.

Under both turned on, theoretically, after upgrading to iOS 9, iPhone 6 can increase the life time of 4 hours or so, for many people, this is actually more attractive than new features.

As for the larger battery capacity iPhone 6 Plus can extend the long life, we are not for accurate testing, follow-through microblogging @ Apple Meeting reporting for everyone.


Upgrade iOS 8 need 4.6GB of space, which makes a lot of Version 16GB iPhone users Tucao so far, iOS 9 upgrade only 1.3GB (slightly different depending on the model). And, even if your phone 1.3GB of space are not, the system will have an option to upgrade the pro recommends that users delete some third-party applications after the system upgrade is completed, and then download them back. The second installation of the application process requires network, but does not require user intervention, it will not undermine the application of data retention.

Some other performance improvements, such as Metal technology introduction, Apple's new font adjustment, the average user does not care about this, but just remember that it can enhance the graphics rendering performance, and reduce development effort like.

To sum up:

2013, Apple with iOS 7 has changed the design of their own system, and another year to become more open to let iOS 8 (jailbreak people have gradually forget about it), and now iOS 9, all functions Leading direction are more intelligent.

iOS 9 change in appearance looks not so great, most innovations did not deliberately emphasize their presence, such as e-mail invitation to join such features automatic calendar, even imperceptible. After only used for some time, in order to better understand the new system in place minutiae.

In addition, iOS combined 9 and El Capitan more closely, and this means that the user wants to get the best experience, we need full access to Apple's embrace. In addition to upgrading to the latest iPhone, the best computer also change the Mac, if coupled with a iPad or Apple Watch, it is icing on the cake. This is Apple's most looking forward to this - software systems open up different devices, and fully mobilize the value of each part of the ecological chain, different hardware and unite to create greater value.

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