iPhone 6S Will be released on September, Ten Characteristics Behind the Scenes

With the next generation iPhone coming soon, currently spy photos and news about it is also a large number of disclosure. The network has been the exposure of information display, there are two versions of the same next-generation iPhone, the screen size is almost unchanged under the circumstances, the use of more powerful processors, and for the first time with 12 million pixels, upgrade to 2GB of memory to run, more fluid speed. Also rumored next-generation iPhone is more pink options, allowing users to whom many women expect. At present a lot of information indicate that this new iPhone will be on the iPhone 6/6 Plus upgrade and improve, will officially debut in September. That exactly what the new iPhone have need of upgrading and highlights, we also present more reliable information are summarized, and perhaps this is the product of the features of the new iPhone.(How to Recover Lost Data from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus)

Each new generation of iPhone is the naming point of attention, although there is no any information to indicate how Apple will define this new product, but according to the latest supply chain people say that this will bring Apple still 4.7 and 5.5 inches the two products, namely iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is an upgraded version, even in terms of both size and shape almost identical to the current product.

Think Apple had already had a variety of small facelift second upgrade of the product name using the continuity, so named according to the usual way, a new generation iPhone is likely to still be named iPhone 6S, as for the big-screen version of 5.5 inches is the iPhone 6S Plus.

Appearance unchanged, camera / white antenna persists, internal restructuring

On the appearance of a new generation of iPhone is surely part of most concern, but this point might let you down. According to the current exposure of the various contents are displayed, the new iPhone in appearance and existing iPhone 6 is almost the same, present the new iPhone has entered production, the appearance of never again have the opportunity to debug, so care about the appearance of the user may want you disappointed.
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But rigorous analysis, in fact, a new generation of iPhone is not without adjusting any appearance. According to foreign media broke the news before the size of the map, the new iPhone 6S three-dimensional size of 138.0x67.0x7.1mm, than the current iPhone 6 thick 0.2mm, height reduced 0.1mm, but in fact, from the perspective of our experience , it is hard to experience to such detail differences.

Another user questions, since iPhone 6S thick 0.2mm, if the camera can be done without highlighting? Unfortunately, this is still not. Because the iPhone 6/6 Plus camera raised a thickness of about 0.7mm, currently a mere 0.2mm is useless (this 0.2mm thickness mm screen material should be updated, and will not affect the layout of the camera area). This gives the foreign media from spy photos also can be certified again, according to the message given by the well-known Apple broke the news agency said 9to5Mac, iPhone 6S camera really still prominent, and the back of the white signal overflow line still exists, everything and spy according to the information on the same.
(iPhone 6s body or the liquid metal material with high strength and durability)
Although the appearance has changed little, but actually inside the new iPhone is not a small change to achieve occurred, such as a new logic board and components related to the installation point iPhone 6 is not the same, and this is likely to make more space larger capacity battery, after all, life is already a great shortage iPhone 6.

About Skins I believe you have to have a big knowledge of the new generation iPhone is almost certain there will be no upgrade appearance, though regrettable, but adjust the internal structure is a good message. And from the point to say, at present most of the iPhone 6 protective cover and accessories are also able to continue to use the top in the next generation iPhone, for accessories manufacturers and users, this is undoubtedly good news.

Processor chip, 14nm and 16nm manufacturing process A9 Apple platform, power optimization is the highlight

A9 processor equipped with the new Apple already is a known fact, but Apple has never been published in the processor too much information, according to the information of the current supply chain, the biggest feature A9 processor power consumption should be improved , performance will not have a revolutionary upgrade, so the processor surprises may be limited. According to reliable sources related to the supply chain that Apple A9 processor is still the "Cyclone" (Tornado) architecture to fine-tune the architecture from the beginning of the application processor A7, A8 processor is a minor adjustment (Enhanced Cyclone), and this A9 is probably still to be upgraded based on the A8, so there should not be a fundamental change in performance.(Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone 6S/7 )

From the overall design concept before A8 processor, both the process technology, the graphics chip, or M8 co-processor, Apple promotion focus more in terms of power consumption and battery life performance. Plus the iPhone battery 6 are currently no greater than 2000 mA, it is expected to continue until A9 processor would agree to the idea of ​​chips. Of course, this does not mean that performance did not improve, but in many aspects of the hardware upgrade, more promotion points is to reduce energy consumption, rather than the performance of a hurricane.

Even A9 processor performance and architecture will not have a revolutionary upgrade, but the 14 / 16nm FinFET manufacturing process it uses is indeed one of the highlights, and there is more eye-catching performance in terms of graphics GPU, after Samsung's Exynos 7420 14nm It is strong on graphics performance out about 40% of Apple A8, surely we have an insight into the power of this chip.

But it needs to be noted that there are news that Samsung's 14nm process technology because the chips can not meet the huge market demand for Apple, so Apple will also be part of the order to TSMC to do. But the problem is that TSMC 16nm process is used, whether there are performance differences between the two chip technology under, is still unknown, but if true, then the user must purchase the future have to tangle once.

Equipped Force Touch feature that identifies pressing induction efforts to achieve a simplified experience

About Force Touch technology actually is a new technology this year, mainly for touch sensing aspect, but it is not the first time. Now includes Apple Watch, the new MacBook and the new MacBook Pro uses the technology, it can be said to be a major innovation in the Apple hardware this year.

About realize Force Touch function is performed by pressing the screen, and the screen in addition to the traditional touch recognition, but also according to your perception of the intensity of the pressing to achieve different functions. Apple specific aspect is arranged around the display multiple microelectrodes, the user can feel the "touch" or "depressed", and then make different operations.

Force Touch function is almost iron fact, the pressing force can be induced to make a feedback.

Simple application to practical situations, such as on the desktop, you can open a one-touch application, but if you are depressed, might open the program edit mode (need to press the screen before); in the map software, tap possible You can also open the zoom mode, without the need for two-finger operation. It also can be carried out different actions depending on the pressing force, such as a quick tune settings, calendar, and music and so on.
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In fact, before Apple has said, in fact, it is the second pressing sensor Multi-Touch (more gestures) and then a heavyweight sensing. With Fouch Touch coming soon to a new iPhone, I believe it will make the new iPhone and other products opened more differentiation, and make the user experience more streamlined.

Body 16GB capacity is still off, but the first upgrade to 2GB of memory to run

Earlier Apple will pass a lot of information standard capacity up to 32GB, and 16GB will become history. However, according to information currently spy and chip exposure appears, a new generation of iPhone's body 16GB capacity is still off, and provides high-capacity version of the 64GB / 128GB, and did not make other changes.

About 16GB iPhone is actually not difficult to understand the meaning of existence, especially in domestic terms. Many user demand for iPhone is even still in the simple daily use and one of the few aspects of the application, if not a lot of music and videos, they do not need high-capacity iPhone, that just to solve their needs. For users who have capacity needs, 16GB apparently unable to meet, in this case can only buy more 64GB or 128GB versions, which is Apple's layout on a large capacity.

Although the body is still a 16GB memory play, but another good news is finally running out of memory upgrade to 2GB, but this is definitely the new iPhone is the most obvious place to enhance the hardware side. Currently Android mobile phone system have been entered 4GB memory on age, and 2GB of memory seem like much iPhone 6S used, but in the operating mechanism of iOS system can bring significant memory optimization, so that the speed and multitasking smoother after feedback from users of the browser window will open more Ben collapse of an issue that will be solved. IPhone 6S believe this will not lose any Android phone.

The new 12-megapixel camera, support for 4K recording and slow-motion photography, performance optimization night

If the mobile phone industry's best camera phones, iPhone certainly on the list. Although several generations of iPhone uses a 800-megapixel, but it did not affect the photographic effect. At present, many messages show that the new generation iPhone 6S finally to upgrade the camera hardware, the front, the rear lens will get pixel hardware upgrade. For example, from the front camera of 1.2 million pixels iPhone 6 upgrade to 500 million pixels, and supports the panoramic camera. Then set the lens from the upgrade to 8 million pixels 12 million pixels (may be Sony IMX230 components), the first time ten million pixels! And also supports 4K video recording, video recording up to 240fps slow, and enhancement of multiple characteristics night camera performance is expected.

In addition, there is news that iPhone 6S before might double back of the camera, but the latest spy photos show that Apple will not use this design, the exposure of the back panel is still only leave room for the camera and lights, and iPhone 6 consistency.(iPhone 6s spy exposed)

Baseband chip upgrade, the entire network will re-debut, the highest achievable level of 4G standard Cat6

Networks surprise that the iPhone 6S used with baseband chip to be upgraded, there will be more eye-catching performance in the network and the speed on. It is reported that the next generation iPhone will use Qualcomm MDM9x35 series baseband chip supporting LTE Cat.6 standard theoretical downlink rates up to 300Mbps, but uplink rate is 50Mbps (certainly compared to Qualcomm Xiaolong 810 Cat9 apparently still behind a lot), This Qualcomm MDM9625M iPhone 6 use than the current (LTE Cat.4, downlink rate 150Mbps) has been greatly improved.

Also on the Fengyun MDM9x35 Qualcomm baseband chip is not the latest? The answer has to make you regret, Fengyun Qualcomm baseband actually launched in the end of 2013, now has been used in Samsung Galaxy S5 / S6, it belongs to the most current mature and mainstream baseband chip, as the latest Qualcomm baseband is MDM9x45 series, support 450Mbps downlink of LTE Cat.10 standard (estimate you can see on the 2016 iPhone 7).

But we need a separate note is that both the existing iPhone 6 or the next generation iPhone 6S, are in fact multi-mode multi-frequency products, and also has support carrier aggregation and VoLTE, it is for the user, both have the entire network characteristics (depends on the specific versions, the National Bank should be no problem), and both support the current 4G + (ie LTE-A) properties. As LTE Cat6 problem, since the current development of domestic carriers, has begun to promote the deployment of LTE Cat.6, but not yet fully spread to the Cat6 standard, let alone Cat8 / Cat10, the actual situation is Cat4 of Network status quo had to have several years ...

Battery capacity is a minor upgrade that will support fast charge

Each generation of iPhone product is most difficult to discern battery data, and confidential apple is better than in other aspects of it. Even we all need in the press conference after the dismantling by the real machine, and unit conversion data in order to know its battery. The current iPhone 6 uses 1810 milliamperes battery, iPhone 6 Plus uses a 2915 mA battery, according to the industry official pointed out, iPhone 6S battery capacity or will 1850 mA, while iPhone 6S Plus battery will exceed 30 cents An (unofficial data from the network, for reference).

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