iPhone 6s sale soon 11 foreign media commentary rumors fly

Apple iPhone 6s from the release of less than two months time, with the release date draws near, the exposure on iPhone 6s are also increasing. Foreign media following phonedog help us summarize the 11 (actually 10) iPhone 6s have been compromised or very tricky features.(How to Transfer Data from iPhone 4S/5/5S to iPhone 6S)

1: iPhone 6s will be equipped with the latest iOS 9 system.

2: Touch ID fingerprint identification will become more accurate and more efficient.(Moving Contacts from Samsung/HTC/LG to iPhone 6S)

3: Pressure sensing Apple Watch added on, iPhone 6s will therefore get more gestures.

4: equipped with the latest A9 chip, performance will be further enhanced.

5: Run the memory up to 2GB, you may get the same in conjunction with the iPad Air 2 dual operating functions.

6: Resolution remains the same, and the same generation iPhone 6.

7: size remains unchanged, it will also launch 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two models.

8: The camera dramatically, front camera upgraded to 800 million pixels, rear camera, upgraded to 12 million pixels. Iris may also be increased from f / 2.2 to f / 1.8.

9: iPhone 6s will provide more color choices, such as rose gold color.

10: aluminum will use stronger materials to ensure that it is no longer so easy to bend breaking.(How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone)

11: This is up to you, you want iPhone 6s will have any new features?

Comments: foreign media video will be by far the rumors and exposure news summary iPhone 6s fly all over again. Although no new information, but I believe after reading iPhone 6s have in your mind the general outline. In addition, the recent foreign media has exposed a suspected iPhone 6s front panel spy, iPhone 6 is identical with the current. It seems a continuation of the previous generation iPhone 6s iPhone 5s strategy, only performance. And iPhone 5s Touch ID to get the same pressure sensor will also be an important upgrade.

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