We saw this 10 years is expected to Apple's new products

Although 2015 has been more than half in the past, but Apple is still time to introduce some new products, these products will grab the market by the end of the holiday season. Apple usually launch new iPhone in September, in addition, in recent months has been rumored that Apple will launch several other products. Let's breakdown before the end of this year we hope to see Apple products.

Apple may announce a new phone called iPhone 6S in September. Apple will release the next generation flagship phone iPhone 6S in September. Apple's new flagship machine with Apple watch with the same pressure-sensitive touch screen, the camera pixels is also increased from the current 800 million pixels the iPhone to 12 million pixels. In addition, the new phone will have more color choices.

Apple will reportedly release another large-screen phone. It is reported that the next generation iPhone 6S series phones will have a big screen version. If Apple follows the current naming convention, this big-screen version of the phone will be called iPhone 6S Plus.(How to Transfer Data from iPhone 4S/5/5S to iPhone 6S

Apple may launch a large-screen iPad in October. For a long time, there have been rumors that Apple is developing iPad 12-inch screen, we are likely to see their true capacity in October, because Apple usually releases new iPad in October. But Bloomberg and "The Wall Street Journal," also said Apple will launch this large-screen iPad before the end of this year. It is said that this product called "iPad Pro".

Apple may launch new iPad Air. Apple has released a new iPad last year in October, this year we are likely to see an upgraded version of its flagship 9.7-inch iPad. Up to now we have not heard any associated with the next generation iPad Air rumors, we're guessing the new iPad will be built-updated version of the processor. Apple's latest iPhone mobile phone will sometimes new features to the new iPad, such as Touch ID technology. After the release of the new iPhone in September, we can look forward to what new features the next-generation iPad has. However, reports on the iPad vary. Chinese media, Taiwan's "Economic Daily" reported that, in order to highlight the new Apple iPad Pro, may not introduce new iPad Air.

Apple may launch new iPad Mini. Some analysts speculated that Apple will launch a new iPad Mini in October. Apple has new products to accurately predict known KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-Ji believe that Apple will launch this year, thinner and lighter iPad Mini.

Apple may launch these months we have been looking forward to the new Apple TV set-top boxes. Apple has not updated their television set for three years, so Apple is likely to release a new Apple TV before the end of this year. There have been rumors that Apple will launch a new version of Apple TV in June, but up to now we have not heard of any new plans Apple. All kinds of rumors and reports that Apple's next-generation set-top boxes will include a new remote control and a proprietary application store.

It is reported that Apple will launch new streaming television service in the fall. "Wall Street Journal" and the "New York Times" has reported that earlier this year, Apple will launch a competition aimed with cable TV service in the fall. Apple TV service may be scaled-down version of the cable service. Apple may also launch local channels, which is one reason Apple TV a long time not on the line.

Apple may introduce 21.5 inches 4k screen iMac. A developer version of the new system, Apple's upcoming El Caption display, the system will support Apple produced 4,096 x 2,304-pixel display, which means that Apple may launch 4k screen iMac 21.5 inches during the year.

Apple may make our first glimpse of its next generation of smart watches. Apple on the iPhone launch last September announced Apple Watch, so this year we have the opportunity to see the second generation of Apple Watch will be like. If Apple really showcase its next generation of smart watch on iPhone conference, we can only spend in 2016. The likelihood of Apple Watch belong to a new product category, Apple does not follow the traditional release cycle is very high. Either way, we have learned some information from Apple Watch the second generation of the rumors. Apple's next-generation smart watch may have a front camera, away from the iPhone can also be used.

Apple will release the final version of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan in the fall. iOS 9 will be integrated to improve the results of previous software, such as more intelligent assistant Siri, better Apple Maps and Notes and other new applications. El Capitan with iOS 9, the core application will be perfect. You can now project through Apple's beta trial iOS 9 and El Capitan, but the final version of the two systems will be officially launched this fall.
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