Cook push the main iPad Pro greet newborn

[Abstract] into the era of Apple Cook, accompanied by before and after each new Apple hardware publicity release, the least is the lack of consensus on the tendency of Apple's new innovation fatigue questioned.

Cook entered the era of Apple, with before and after each new Apple hardware publicity release, the least is the lack of consensus on the tendency of Apple's new innovation fatigue questioned.

And these questions sound more focus on: Cook era of Apple's Steve Jobs is hard to return to the Father of the times, every new release can bring to the public the kind of disruptive innovation stunning, and allow the public to whom scream expectations . So far demonstrate that Apple no longer difficult from a magician's black hat Sudden rabbit jump out, Apple is moving toward mediocrity.

But Apple really is along this trend in the decline it?

Indeed, from the company's operations and product innovation two angles, Cook should be entrusted with an authentic shrewd businessman galore, but Steve Jobs is perfect to be dubbed a genius product manager reputation. Since the starting point and end result of the pursuit of different, respectively, product innovation and business operations for the Bifurcation on two different products derived from the concept of the leading cultural, natural far, the formation of the gap is inevitable, do not care to tangle.

Cook with merchant posture to meet the market, in order to break the bureau's Dan greet students.

In order to embrace the market demand, he broke Steve Jobs has always stressed the 3.5-inch display screen, the best apples, put on a public favorite four inches wide, 4.7 inches, 5.5-inch screen, although the appearance of the product to build on the lack of a more revolutionary of breakthrough, but on the secondary products of intelligent operation is constant innovation.

Here we know the voice intelligent assistant siri, secure intelligent recognition technology to unlock the Touch ID, as well as the heavy launch multi-touch technology 3D Touch, all from their hands, Cook iterate through constantly pushing the new technology, upgrade Apple's new user experience, form the public's dependence on heavy users experience, contributed.

The so-called locked in, we must eradicate completely broken, and to create something new. As a new generation of Apple's leader, Cook is using business principles espoused by their cleaning Shenluo the personal imprint of Steve Jobs Apple religious culture, after all, who can no longer difficult to become the second Steve Jobs, the Apple era belongs to him , so he must become his. To this end, from commercialization, Cook completed the Apple empire to better plunder the largest market share of the profits, he began his small screen to the big screen layout of strategic planning.

Last night, it is breathlessly for its four major product lines have been updated, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPad Pro, the new Apple TV, and far more than the expectations of Apple Watch. Apparently, last night, new products, Cook most favorite is not anticipated iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, but replacement iPad Pro, cook their high hopes, and with a "trump card" word to describe it .

Cook also receiving Tencent Digital interview, he also revealed: information points iPad Pro and Chinese markets are most concerned about him.

Then this product whether such Cook wished, for Apple to usher in a new explosive sales growth? We start with the product's hardware configuration looks.

iPad Pro uses 12.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2732x2048, A9X processor, built-in 4 speakers with Apple Pencil stylus, it is undeniable upgrade iPad Pro configuration is indeed some bright spots, but the other hand, its 12.9 inches screen, Many people have Tucao their screen is too large features, both lost as a handheld device portability in entertainment on also suffered a fatal blow, the future this may become a consideration in the formation of future users buy.

Secondly, we learn from the market and then cut.

Admittedly, with the iphone mobile phone screen gets bigger and increasingly rich features to make up for the needs of users use daily on the family flat, iPad's market by squeezing their products. Cook has been hoping to complete the big screen through the small screen to the layout, and do our best to cover all users, to compensate for the market has not been to make up for the vacancy, while past generations iPad breakthrough innovation bottleneck weak, only this from home entertainment to a mobile office transformation and change of iPad Pro, which is a "take office on the next show entertainment" products. Embrace new users of this product on the occasion of the birth of the mission, but had to face after the iPad Pro publishing and size similar to the MacBook, MacBook Air will overlap and constraints embarrassing situation.

Finally, and most important point: mobile office software access richness.

As we all know, re-user experience of products, not just products strong performance in the configuration of hardware, technology, and more advantage of hard and soft can be a perfect fit. Surface and WP system is the best lesson, for business people to use office software required only to "take on the office, under the form of entertainment" in transition in the iPad Pro, the mobile office software ecosystem which, whether the future can accumulate meet camp, to keep up with demand for mobile office, become connected keyboard can become a business notebook, on the contrary become Tablet PC, iPad Pro is the future challenges of the market open to experience, rather than eventually reduced to simple document processing device, after all iPad Pro business tool attribute too obvious.

Perhaps iPad Pro final result is likely to give a "thunder, little rain", but Cook is valued and has been behind iPad Pro to future performance, which does not rule out future Cook has a more commercial whimsy operation, it has been Cook's strengths, to whom might be able to reverse the situation, but in the end do not want to cook in front of their own superiority cropper.

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