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This is the busiest in the history of Apple's conference. Yes, today released a series of new Apple-intensive: a new generation of iPhone, new iPad Pro, the new Apple TV, new color and strap Apple Watch. Speakers many happily busy, non-stop up and down the stage. In order to ensure sufficient time to demonstrate these new products as well as on-site conference after the show, although the outside world have been informed before the product launch; Cook or even every conference in the past began to show Apple's latest impressive performance of Joseph have time, very succinctly straight to the topic began to introduce new products. Really a little difficult.

Of course, he was released before the phone under the iPhone show little growth situation. Apple has enough capital proud, iPhone sales growth of 35%. Especially noteworthy is that in the Chinese market rivals sales decline of 4%, the Apple iPhone still achieved growth of 70% amazing performance. Cook strive to maintain a serious expression, could not conceal his pride.

I would like to see the seriousness of this playfully, find direction modesty.

However, Apple is not without opponents, Cook is not without pressure. And the opponent more powerful than all their previous encounter counterparts. Because Apple and Cook biggest demons, is their own, before too dazzling performance.

Which mobile phone manufacturers no performance or consumer electronics companies can achieve even close to Apple's current level. The fourth quarter of last year, by virtue of the large screen of Apple iPhone global sales soared 46 percent to 74.5 million amazing sales of Samsung tied, first ascended the throne of the global market sales champion (profit champion has long been Apple's exclusive). Apple iPhone fiscal year alone, sales reached $ 123 billion, more than Apple's revenue contribution Liu Cheng.

Sometimes too glamorous, but also a worry. Because not say beyond the next again, even to grow, it is a tremendous pressure.

Even Apple's second-quarter revenue rose 32.5 percent, profit growth of 37.8%, iPhone sales growth of 35%, the Chinese market grew 112%. Apple's stock price still fell sharply after-hours, because the market is already accustomed to Apple's high-growth, high expectations have been pushed to unprecedented highs. The quarter Apple iPhone sales of 45.73 million less than the market expected, fourth-quarter outlook is also lower than market expectations.

In fact, Apple already has some analysts fears. They are not worried about Apple's performance; there is no doubt that the new iPhone 6s / 6s Plus will still bring very jealous rivals in sales and profits. Market real concern is that Apple this first ever monster, whether it can maintain a high growth rate. The future growth potential is related to Apple's stock price. It is because of this concern, Apple's current stock price has been relatively high this year fell 17 percent, had once fell 23%.

Similarly the market concerned is, iPhone can maintain the current high-end market share. iPhone 6 / Plus blowout sales backlog is based on market demand for many years on the big screen, and this year an improved version may be difficult to stimulate consumer buying spree that like last year. Brokerage analyst at Deutsche Bank, has been considered, iPhone share in more than $ 400 high-end market may have peaked. The FactSet analysts even expected, due to the high base last year, iPhone sales could be the first time fell.

Growth prospects of the Chinese market is also a hidden apple. Whether China's economic growth slowed, affecting consumer willingness to buy; devalue the RMB is significant, leading to a decline in the performance of US dollars; these have a direct impact on the sales performance of the iPhone and Apple.

And these worries is the background of the Apple press conference: Apple needs to continue to grow, the need to maintain momentum in the Chinese market, the need to reduce dependence on the iPhone, increasing new product line into new business areas. Of course, the most important products or iPhone, past, present and future alike.

In order to increase marketing efforts, Apple significantly expanded the size of the conference, increasing the number of global media invitation. In order to improve the attractiveness of the Chinese market, Apple launched a special rose gold iPhone (looks rather like a small pink), to lure a lot of female users mind long grass. In order to enhance the attractiveness of Apple Watch Apple launched a new color added and strap.

The new iPhone 6s / 6s Plus In addition to adding new color, appearance and not much change. Pressure touch screen, camera and chip upgrade is the improved version of the biggest selling point. However, the huge sales base last year, the new iPhone can continue to maintain sales growth is still a question, after all, last year's sales there soared eruption of large-screen demand factors.

Slightly Tucao yes, in today's applications, video, photo increasingly large, Apple iPhone 16GB storage space is still a start, it is basically the equivalent of more than catch consumers took out $ 100 to buy 64GB version. This is a small business strategy.

Likewise, iPad Pro and Apple TV is Apple's flat-panel TV field in deep plowing. Even in products no rival iPad tablet market is shrinking into a big-screen mobile phones and ultra-light notebook attack. To continue to develop innovation in the tablet market, Apple's choice is to make the main productivity 12.9-inch iPad Pro, coupled with an external keyboard and Steve Jobs had trashed the stylus.

Powerful performance, user-friendly interface, elegant design, sturdy prices also need to explain that Apple's products have been the case. Even low dosed iPad Pro keyboard and stylus price reached $ 1,067, compared with a 13-inch Macbook Air is also a lot more expensive. This product is more niche-oriented market. Because of this non-stop conference, leaving the other a new iPad Mini 4 show time remaining sentence: lighter; the history of most Biequ called Apple released new products.

Apple TV has been exploring the field of actual years, the legendary Apple TV has always failed to appear, it seems that Apple decided to choose the least-cost set-top boxes of this breakthrough. But this time, Apple introduced the App Store in the new set-top boxes, and hope that through this successful iPhone cornerstone to achieve a breakthrough in the field of television. "TV's future in the application," Cook says. Join video and gaming applications, through sales to attract enough developers, Apple hopes to replicate the success the cornerstone of the previous.

In contrast, Apple Watch is still in the initial stage to develop the market. Even if Apple introduced a more attractive appearance of color and strap, under the premise of battery life did not achieve a breakthrough, the popularity of smart watches still takes time. If you watch really support Andrews iOS, so Apple Watch will face many more designs, lower prices of competitors challenge.

Has not been reflected at the press conference there, Apple is vigorously expanding sales network under its own line. Chinese market alone, the number of Apple retail stores this year on upgrading from 15 to 40, business coverage has expanded from a large number of first-tier cities to second-tier cities.

And other market challenges faced by different peers, Apple is only their biggest rival, the previously radiant giant apple. Market concerns about the iPhone is not whether hot, but whether it can continue to grow. Apple's troubles is how to develop a new product line and growth, reduce dependence on the iPhone.

Under pressure iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple TV, the growth performance of the shadow, Apple released a series of new intensive. On the one hand want to open up television, watches and other new markets, on the one hand want to tapping phones, tablet has a strong field.

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