2015 Apple Conference Preview

US technology site AppleInsider reported on Monday that Apple will be held on Wednesday, a new product launch in San Francisco. By then, Apple is expected to release the next generation iPhone and the new AppleTV, and iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 upgrade.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Apple's annual fall (in time for the Christmas shopping season before arrival) will release the next generation iPhone, based on this, on Wednesday (September 9th) released iPhone 6s and 6sPlus basic has been clearly established.

iPhone upgrade law is "a small rise in a year, two years, a big lift." "Big L" refers to the hardware design of iPhone will be fully updated, and "small rise" means to strengthen internal phone, and may introduce some new services.

And Wednesday's upcoming iPhone 6s and 6sPlus a "small rise", only has improved the hardware configuration and function. It is expected that the next generation iPhone will use the new A9 processor, RAM from 1GB to 2GB. No change in storage capacity, or 16GB starting up to 128GB.

Camera side will be upgraded, the rear main camera to upgrade to 12 million pixels, the front camera is 500 million pixels. The rear camera is expected to increase albino cell, to improve low-light performance. Another source said, may increase the front camera flash, and can capture rate of 60 frames per second slow-motion video.

Speaking of new features, many analysts believe that Apple's touch-sensing screen technology ForceTouch Apple Watch and will introduce a new generation of MacBook using the iPhone. It is unclear how Apple will use this technology, but it is clear that Apple will make full use of the technology to clean up some of the annoying user interface.

Finally, a new generation of iPhone's body thickness may be thicker than the current iPhone6, but the user should be difficult to detect. Also to note is that Apple may add a new generation of iPhone "rose gold", to match the current Apple Watch.

Based on historical experience, the next generation iPhone may officially listed on Friday, September 18th.

Apple TV 4

Apple TV is relatively limited current games. On Wednesday, Apple is expected to upgrade the Apple TV will be, and this is the first time in three years hardware upgrades.

It is reported that this upgrade certificate mainly in terms of the game, casual game aimed at the introduction of iOS living room.

Apple TV remote control will also be redesigned, introducing a new touch trackpad, and featuring the A8 processor. RAM will also be improved, in order to improve response and operating speed. In addition, the new AppleTV or support 4K video output.

Content, Apple is likely to release on Wednesday the long-rumored Web TV service. Many reported that Apple negotiations with the four major US television network is progressing smoothly, it is expected this fall will launch streaming TV service.

In addition, Apple will launch a new content discovery interface that allows users to search each available service Siri Apple TV platform.

After the hardware upgrade, Apple TV's price will also increase, is expected to increase from the current $ 69 to $ 149.

iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

Apple WWDC conference this summer has demonstrated a new generation of mobile and desktop operating systems, it is expected on Wednesday to announce the final version of the relevant information. For current users, they will be a free upgrade to the new system.

iOS9 is a major upgrade, the introduction of multitasking iPad, and launched a new news applications like Flipboard. Other aspects of the upgrade also includes a search function, new Siri commands.

In addition, iOS 9 also upgraded in terms of efficiency, will bring longer battery life iOS device; plan also ensures that users can upgrade the system up to date.

In contrast, the upgrade OS X 10.11 focused on user experience and performance. One major change is the user interface for Apple's Font Replace self-developed San Francisco fonts from HelveticaNeue, which has been applied in Apple to Apple Watch. In addition, some of the built-in applications will be updated.

Spotlight will add a new set of data resources. For example, Safari first increase in fixed-tab function, Mail can manage different full-screen messages.

Based on historical experience, iOS 9 will be officially launched on September 16. The OS X 10.11 launch date is difficult to determine, but in recent years, Apple in October are upgrading OS X.

iPad Pro

As to whether Apple will release Wednesday iPad Pro, analysts hold a different view. Typically, Apple iPad will hold a conference in October, it should be the right time to release the iPad Pro.

If Apple on Wednesday released the iPad Pro, then this product is likely to use Retina screen, the screen size will be larger than 12 inches. The new iPad will be equipped with additional speakers, body thickness may be thinner than the current iPad Air 2.

In addition, Apple is also possible for the iPad Pro is equipped with a pressure sensor stylus for more precise input to business users.


Regardless of how Apple treats iPhone 5c, Apple should not be released on Wednesday, iPhone 6c. Although the previously leaked iPhone6c relevant information, but some observers say Apple, iPhone 6c have disappeared from the supply chain.

This is somewhat similar to the rumored 3 iPad Air, though almost certainly Apple iPad Air 2 later this year, will be upgraded.

In addition, iPad mini 4 can also show up on Wednesday, but more likely next month with the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro also released.

Conference watch Raiders

Starting from 10:00 Pacific time Wednesday (Beijing time at 1:00 on September 10), Apple will be iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, 2-and 3-generation AppleTV users live conference. For Microsoft Edge Browser Windows 10 users, this may be the first time to watch live.

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