Safari iOS 9 will join Adblock plug-in functionality

SAN FRANCISCO, June 11 morning news, according to foreign websites 9to5mac reports,Apple In iOS 9 system Safari browser to block ads added extensions. This means that the mobile version of Safari will be the same as the desktop version, users can block ads content.

Block ads on Android devices and plug-in PC is commonplace, but iOS is the first to introduce this feature. Apple's latest development of technical documentation shows that developers will allow developers to extend the program "to shield cookies, pictures, resources, pop and other content."
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Although Apple opened up the relevant authority in iOS 9, but the future remains to be seen attitudes toward advertising apple audits shield plug. App Store or will strictly examine such programs to prevent abuse of this feature.

This is for the majority of users plagued by advertising is good news, but I'm afraid will be advertiser's fierce opposition. Because these companies want revenue will be very difficult to get through the mobile terminal advertising.

Currently Apple has declined to comment.

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