Than waterproof: iPhone 6 after blasting Galaxy S6 Edge

While the iPhone 6 launch has been for some time, to carry out various child heart tests should be finished already, but the big foreign brain child of God machine hole exactly bloom much that we can not expect, do not forget the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge listing also did not take long, since so waterproof test it again.

In general, after evaluation organization will get a new device to your smartphone waterproof performance testing, Common waterproof test we have seen, the foreign child machine Channel Everything ApplePro recently to offer consumers a new stimulus point , a different kind of water testing --Galaxy S6 Edge vs.iPhone anti 6 "Red Bull" test.(How to Transfer Old iPhone Data to iPhone 6 Plus)

As can be seen from the video, iPhone 6 successfully completed a brutal waterproof (Red Bull) test, even more surprising is that, although there has been restarted, and all kinds of problems during the test, but was able to stick up iPhone 6 38 minutes long, as the Galaxy S6 Edge insisted only nine minutes to shut down, the water can not be removed from the normal charge. After removing the iPhone 6 Although there have been a touch abnormalities and other issues, but the screen is still lit.(How to Tansfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone 6S)

Although we can not judge this better waterproof iPhone 6, but the test results really surprising, of course, we do not recommend the ordinary user of such "abnormal" test.

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