How to Recover iPhone iPad Lost Data after iOS Jailbreak

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iPhone iPad iOS Jailbreak News

Give you a different feeling iOS system escape experience

As of current, iOS system will update to New version iOS 9/iOS 10/iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13 and more in the future , the functionality of the system must be more and more perfect, many commonly used functions are in place. But ios system, after all, still closed, can not carry out more in-depth customization and modification, you want more in-depth experience of iOS brings charm, we still need to escape in order to truly be realized later. Recently, the tai chi group again cracked new iOS system and the release of the jailbreak tool. It also tangled for a long time after selecting the jailbreak, now use to share my experience with you.

"Prison Break" although the term appears to be very sensitive, earlier also been sued Apple jailbreak iOS team, but was finally judged as "escape" lawful US courts on the grounds that the user spent the money to buy their freedom if the jailbreak is. ("Prison Break" is to break the system limit for maximum administrative privileges, in order to achieve further expansion purposes.)

For the current iOS system, the author has done some previous jailbreak ideological struggle, but in the end could not bear the decisive escape. My reason is that not escape mediocre, jail brighter future. Although those old iOS system has been increasingly perfect, but people commonly habits such as: Mobile Phone calls attribution, call recording, to protect the Home key and the power key, and other related settings are not perfect, and this is now a reason to escape.

As previously mentioned, iOS system features powerful enough, I escape my purpose is very clear, is to achieve some enhancements, as much as possible not to the entire system or major changes such as change the theme, change the switch animation, modify icon style, etc.

How to Restore iPhone iPad Data after iOS Jailbreak

Mobile jailbreak is not necessarily for everyone, and only when you desperately need to enhance a feature, but when the system can not be achieved Jailbreak iOS jailbreak is a good choice. Although the domestic jailbreak team is to force, under the premise of Apple frequently updated system is still able to crack the system and release the jailbreak tool, but that does not guarantee future iOS update iOS 9/iOS 10/iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13 and more large version can still escape. So, if you are a veteran, maybe you can now choose to escape, if you are a novice, I was not particularly recommend jailbreak, jailbreak after all, there may be a system security risks, such as changes to the system files do not accidentally cause the phone problems, it is really worth the candle.

So, if you found that lost any important files including iPhone iPad contacts, photos, pics, whatsapp messages, notes, videos, Calendar, text messages, SMS and more from your iPhone/iPad, how to recover lost data from iPhone/iPad after jailbreak iOS iOS 9/iOS 10/iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13 and more.

When iPhone/iPad users jailbreak their iPhone/iPad, some of them annoy that their former data are gone, such as pictures, videos, contacts, notes or other data files. As to this situation, you can't extract and recover your lost data, because you are not allow to preview and select the data you want to recover. Here we introduce you an effective data recovery tool, that is iOS Data Recovery, which can restore the wanted data for you. It compatible with the newest Apple devices, iPhone 5s/5c/6/6 Plus/6s/7/7s/8/8s, iPad Air & iPad with Retina Display, iPod Touch 5. With iOS Data Recovery’s amazing function, you can preview you data before you extracting from iTunes backup file. The procedure is simple actually. What’s more, you can also depend on  your iOS device directly and recover from iPhone/iPad with this program. Now, let's check how to restore iPhone/iPad data after jailbreak.

Download the trial version of iOS Data Recovery software on your computer for free.


Steps to Recover iPhone Lost Data After Jailbreak

Step 1. Choose recovery mode and extract iTunes backup

Firstly open the program after installing it on your computer and choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode, then you can get all your iPhone backup files here, which are displayed automatically in categories. Select the one with the latest date and click "Start Scan" to extract the inaccessible backup.

Step 2. Restore iPhone/iPad data after jailbreak

You can preview all the previous contents one by one to decide which files you need to recover, and then mark those you want and click "Recover" to restore them.

Step 3. Make backup of your iPhone

No matter which model of iPhone you are using, do remember to make backup of your iPhone 5s/6/6s/7/7s and more for sake of iPhone data loss in the future.

More about iPhone Data Recovery:
iOS Data Recovery for iPhone is an all-in-one data recovery tool to to recover deleted photos, text messages, contacts, notes, videos and more for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch after jailbreak.


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