iOS 9 Although the United States but need to be cautious before upgrading iOS 9 Advice

This is the foreign technology website BGR's Zach Epstein after the early adopters of iOS 9, to the majority of users are a few advice

Recently Apple's WWDC conference ended, the official hype aside, the new system for Apple iOS 9 in the end is good or bad the problem, users are again quarreling. Part of the fruit powder, said no matter what Apple released that we all dearly. While others said that, iOS 9 although a major upgrade, but it does no use! Not to say that it actually has copied the Android! This can not endure!

For two camps tear each other, I personally more inclined to the former camp fruit powder. iOS 9 as a major update or brought us a lot of things. It makes iOS become more sophisticated and easy to use.

Although I have a keen interest in iOS 9, but in less than a day after the trial, I decided to abandon it cruel. When you uninstall I did not hesitate because I know iOS 9 months after the official version will appear on my phone.

Before deeper explanation, I want to explain today's iOS 9 is only an early test version that only allows developers to install and trial, and the average user will not be updated accordingly. If you want to experience in advance iOS 9, and you are very "capricious", then pay $ 99 you can become a "developer." Of course, there have been a lot on the network without having to install iOS 9 registration method. For those who are eager, I want to give one piece of advice: Do not install iOS 9!
On the beta, the beta version of iOS 9 is very stable, and stability is unusual. Way back when Apple launched iOS 8 hurriedly test version of the time, the system is really appalling. Indeed iOS 8 from the third, fourth official version, only the iOS operating system that looks like. This year, iOS 9 Beta is obviously well prepared, uh, of course, mainly for developers who. For ordinary users, the trial version is definitely a disastrous experience, although comparison with last year improved significantly, but flash back and Caton problem persists, moreover most fatal problem comes up life.

In recent years, the thoughts are spent on how Apple will iPhone be made lighter and thinner, battery life is as it should become a victim, and Apple also did not want to improve the situation showed the meaning of. In iOS Introduction 9, Apple announced a new series of large-scale optimization system, and can extend the life of a one-hour small optimization. This is certainly good news, but taking into account the current beta version of a bad life performance, I really am curious whether Apple in the official version is able to fulfill its promise.

You know, most download and install iOS 9 beta users have been crazy its poor battery life. For a cell phone, the battery from 100% to 20% support only five hours of use, such a result is unacceptable, is simply failing. Let life so bad most people like me iOS 9 trial had to reluctantly part uninstall it.

Ah, once again declare what, this is not a "black" iOS article 9, I just want to warn everyone about it. Because today's network so that Apple users can more easily early adopters iOS test version of the operating system, and as far as I know there is one percent of users have to download and install an early beta version of iOS 9. Here to remind users eager necessary: ​​Upgrade need to be cautious ah! If you are not upgrading through formal channels iOS 9, then your iPhone may Caton, crash, flash back and other problems, and even brush back to the old system will not be so smooth.

As for my recommendation, unless you are forced to upgrade iOS 9, etc. or otherwise publicly release it. Enough "willful" Users are still register a developer account at the official website, the test system upgrade later it through official channels, which could be more secure. Other ordinary users, or honestly wait for it, if you have to regret upgrade iOS 9, then I suggest you drop back through iCloud or iTunes upcoming iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4, after all, the old version is more suitable for ordinary everyday use.

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