How to Recover Lost Calendar After iOS Update

Part 1: iOS News - iOS9.2 beta start: or introduced together with the iPad Pro

According to foreign media 9to5Mac reports, access to the data by tracking web page that, iOS 9.2 devices increased significantly in the last 10 days of access frequency, or means that Apple is stepping up on the next update of the test efforts.

Previously there have been a lot of speculation to wait for iOS 9.1 to iPad Pro or is listed on the eve of the listing will be released, but now it seems, iOS 9.0.x too many loopholes in the system that can not wait until the time for Apple. Apple iPad Pro is still not revealed the specific launch date, but if the speed according to the current software update, the new device should be pre-installed iOS 9.1, it can be said iOS "insurance" after 9.2 is ready for a new device to market.(Recover Lost iPhone Contacts, Photos after Update to iOS 9.1 Beta)

Apple plans to convene the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015 earnings conference on the 27th of this month, when in addition to the announced iPhone, iPad, Mac sales data and other product lines in the previous quarter, Apple will be on the future of a number of marketing or product development policy issues make answer, then we may know iPad Pro specific launch date and the starting list.

As for the iOS 9.2 update includes what features will be added to what kind of function, is still a mystery. The official release of iOS 9.1, in addition to a series of bug fixes outside also joined the more than 150 kinds of new emoticons.

Part 2: Tutorial - How to Recover Lost Calendar After iOS Update?

Some people always lost their calendar events after iOS update, it can be very worrying if you can’t remember everything that you had in your schedule. This can happen accidentally, or could even be due to a technical issue such as an iOS upgrade losing your calendar events. If you find yourself in this situation, then you are probably reading this and wondering if and how you can recover the deleted calendar events on your iPhone. However there is no need to worry.

In response, I advised him to solve the problem with iOS Data Recovery as a trial. And it works. As my friend said,"iOS Data Recovery primary helps recovering data with calendar included from iPhone, iPad, iPod. It restores my deleted schedule items such as my appointments, work, task and etc. A simple but useful software!" Yes, to share the tutorial of recovering lost calendar from iPhone 6s/6s Plus, here we are. Please download a free version and learn by following the steps.


Recover Lost Calendar from iPhone after iOS 9.1/iOS 9.2 and more new iOS system Update step by step:

Step 1. Select right mode and connect your iPhone

Take iPhone for an example. First, connect your iPhone to computer. Then run the program and wait few seconds.

Step 2: Analyze and scan your calendar from iPhone

Once your iPhone is recognized, you can see the information of your device on the primary window, now you can click on “Start Scan” to let the program analyze and scan the lost data from your iPhone.

Step 3: Preview and recover lost calendar from iPhone

You can preview all found data before recovery after the scanning. Choose “Calendar” to preview, then mark the ones you wanted and click “Recover” button to save them on your computer easily.



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