iOS 9.1 version update: bug fixes intelligent details

October 22 morning news, Apple updated iOS 9.1 official version, and there is not much new functionality is added, but it has details relative to the previous version of the upgrade.(Recover Lost iPhone Contacts, Photos after Update to iOS 9.1 Beta)

Live Photos is Apple on the iPhone 6s new features, it will add a small video camera in the front and rear, these dynamic pictures more vivid interpretation of circumstances when taking pictures. But after this issue feature is that if you hand instability in the camera, it will record a variety of shaky shots, such as ground or other scenarios, had turned into a beautiful scene of the crime scene in general feeling, and unable Live Photos post-editing out of useless shots.

Today, the first official version of iOS 9.1 to fix the problem is, Apple should be called iPhone or some internal gyroscope sensor to solve the problem of dangling.

In addition, Live Photos added more than 150 kinds of emoticons, close to what Unicode7.0 8.0 encoding emoticon added support. Others are small function point, enhance stability and so on.

Currently Apple has begun to promote the iOS 9.1 official version, different models in between 200-300MB, users can through a computer terminal in the mobile phone side wireless iTunes or updated based. But note that if the user is already jailbreak may appear white Apple updated the problem can not be started.

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