How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S?

Part 1: iOS News

Since the iPhone 6s listed, the problem has continued, traced chip door, camera Caton ...... now has a new problem. According to Japanese media reports, Apple users reflect that, iPhone 6s appeared overnight charging automatically restart problem.

There are users that want to unlock the phone the morning but found Touch ID is not available, then it appears "need to re-enter the password after reboot" reminder, so he speculated that the phone automatically restart in the night before.

Users at home and abroad will continually reflect this situation, it seems iPhone 6s automatic restart has become a problem at night, is not alone. Then we look at what the situation may cause iPhone 6s at night automatically restart: Turn flight mode, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection will automatically restart; turn off Wi-Fi and 4G cellular network connection automatically after restart; iOS 9.0.2 after the escape, at night charging automatically restart.

As for the automatic restart of the reason may be due to a variety of complex situations due. There may be reasons for the system, there may be reasons to jailbreak Apple users, there may be a hardware problem. In the end is what causes of, how will solve, but also Apple's official answer is given.

Part 2: Tutorial - How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S?

When you get a new iPhone 6S, you may want to transfer photos from the old iPhone 4/4S to the new iPhone 6S. By doing it, you can easily scan your pictures on the new bought iPhone 6S. But how to accomplish the transfer process? We will show you two powerful third-party iPhone to iPhone Photos Transfer tools to fix the problem easily.

The name of the tool is Mobile Transfer- iPhone to iPhone Photos Transfer for Windows or for Mac. This program is a great tool designed for transferring data between various devices running different operating systems such as iOS, Android and Symbian. You are able to transfer pictures between your two iPhones with the help of the program with just one click.


Steps to Transfer Photos from iPhone 4/4S to iPhone 6S:

Step 1. Download & Launch Mobile Transfer on your PC

The first step you have to take is to download and install Mobile Transfer on PC. When you launch the program, the main window will show in front of you. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer mode to continue the process.

Step 2 Connect old iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 6S to PC after launching the program – Mobile Transfer on your computer, you will see your iPhones displayed as below, source device on the left and the destination one on the right.

Step 3 Copy Pictures between iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 6s After both the phone connected well connected, all the data will be listed between the two devices. You can tick the one you want to transfer and click “Start Copy”.


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