Tyrant gold to benchmark the American people, too.

Apple's first gold is iPhone 5s, released on September 10, 2013. Fashion editor Jeff Carvalho comment Tyrant gold: It was probably the most unpopular color. According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that due to strong demand in China, Apple has also devoted additional yield golden paragraph.

When golden iPhone listed on the US market to bring more of a shock, but not surprise. According to Mashable reported that the Americans in their daily lives did not like gold, it is not possible to use gold belongings. In fact, young Chinese why is not it, though some of the older generation still like to collect a little gold, young people generally believe that gold was "vulgar." Anyway, I was a normal youth rarely seen wearing a Daikin chain.

"Gold is designed for Apple to build Asia" it is a reasonable guess, especially iPhone 5s listed Shihai first time China placed first on the list of countries.

May Day in 2013, coincides with the price of gold plummeted, China aunt rushed into the goldsmith shops sweep goods, so with "Aunt defeated China financial predators" scripts. Piece banter component is greater than the fact that, while the Chinese people's love of gold is real.

On the other side of the ocean, foreign users of the Tyrant gold Tucao heat comparable to "Platinum VS Blue Black" on the other. Nevertheless, the 2014 Golden Apple appeared on more products --iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, this year Apple is to bring a gold glittering conference. Apple insists expression with attitude: you will like, even if you do not like, it was like. Golden section proved popular in Asia, with China as the representative of the Asian market sales data all.

2015 first quarter, Apple's revenue in the Greater China region $ 16 billion, growth of 157%, almost caught up with the income of the European contribution. According to this trend, the next quarter, Greater China has become Apple's second-largest market is pretty close. Inference is such an important market, we can not fail to take account of local natural aesthetic tendencies.

After 5s gold elements will be subject to the influence of China and Asia hot sales, but "to build specifically for Asia," the statement somewhat arbitrary. Sales in Asia, the color is the reality, but this does not mean that Apple's anticipated results, the original Nama gold might just serendipitously.

Apple has always taken a simple color 5s suddenly when publishing on the gold, and 5C rainbow sugar, is to give consumers a surprise. Because we do not expect a new color was added, then the conference "Duang!" - This is not the same. Not so much to prepare specifically for Asia, it is more in the test market response with the new color. Results Asian market response is good, Apple also yielded numerous product applied to the gold.

According statisticbrain collected from Apple, AT & T, Sprint, Verizon's small-scale data, as of March 2015, 65.2% of consumers buy gold iPhone 6 Plus, gray and white are far behind. This data reflects the attitude of the US market today Tyrant gold: and my people as like!

Is "Asians like gold, Americans feel earth" stereotype exaggerated the differences between Chinese and Western aesthetic, or Asians like letting the golden stand became popular elements? This question was not answered. Consumers in both the acceptance of the influence of popular culture, but also shaping popular culture. Tyrant gold, is the world's businesses and consumers to shape the memes.


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