Apple Pencil Exclusive Metal Protective Cover Makes Apple Pen More Portable

Apple Pencil iPad Pro is undoubtedly the most important parts, but the root apple pen, but a little better housed, and neither Surface Pen as magnetic absorption edge of the screen, nor any design similar to the clip, and inserted in the charging Lightning Interface "position" and too dangerous. But now a company called Appostasy would launch a product called Apple Pencil PenSe accessories, so you apple pen is not so easy to lose.

PenSe is essentially a special pen, because the built-in magnet, so put it after Apple Pencil can be easily adsorbed on the back of the iPad Pro, which comes with the clip cap also allows more convenient to carry. Moreover, PenSe also comes with Lightning interface converter, so that the user can, through Lightning data cable Apple Pen charged to avoid damage caused by the charging line.

It is understood, PenSe already logged famous creative product crowdfunding website KickStarter, early price is $ 30 and there are a variety of colors, but customers can also be considered intentional and meteorites from sterling silver to create a special edition PenSe - PenSe Orbit of course the price of $ 1,000, but is not so cheap. Currently, PenSe has raised nearly half of the target amount, there are half a month from the end of the project, interested friends may wish to look at it through the video!


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