iOS 9.3 new features can improve sleep

Apple has the next version of iOS system available to developers, including some very popular new feature, you may be able to help improve sleep, so life well-organized.

Apple has just released a developer preview version of iOS 9.3, which means that it has not finalized the development. It is unclear when Apple will release the final version of iOS 9.3, but we wish to take a look through this preview of what new features it will increase.
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Improve sleep quality

You may have heard the phone screen will affect the quality of sleep every night, but you will still play for a while before going to bed the phone. iOS 9.3 added a new feature in a program called "Night Shift" (Conversion night mode), it can change the screen colors at night, Apple hopes it can improve your quality of sleep.

The researchers believe that the blue light emitted by the LCD screen will suppress melatonin production, this hormone that tells our brain to go to sleep. The screen light from dazzling white light and blue light into a relatively softer warm light such as red light, orange colored light or yellow light, is said to make the eyes more comfortable and make your body's natural sleep.

There are already on your computer and Android phone similar applications, such as Flux and Twilight like. But in iOS 9.3 before, you have to jailbreak your iOS device screen to change the color of the light. Apple will integrate into the Night Shift function in iOS 9.3, and allows users to customize the features, such as converting color screen light at a particular time.

You want to see the news

Last year, Apple released the news application News, it is hoped this application to become a one-stop news shop. In iOS 9.3, the app will be more personalized, it will be recommended based on your interests news. You will see more it thinks you might want to look at the news and it recommended the hottest topic. The performance of this application will also be improved, it will be faster to load, but also watch the video in the resource stream.

Lock your notes

In iOS 9.3, the simple application notes Notes has also been upgraded. You can now give notes set password, so that others can not spy on the important information that you want to keep private. You can also notes by date or subject to classification, which of course is not really a revolutionary upgrade, but it does make this simple application can become more useful.
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Apple wants you to use health applications Health

If you do not know how to use the Health application? Apple will be able to use third-party applications with supporting highlighted, column displays your workout, the weight and quality of sleep. If you have a piece of Apple Watch, you can also see Health Application collect these data in the watch.

CarPlay been further improved

Apple's in-car entertainment and navigation systems CarPlay also with the escalation of Apple Music and Maps rather been upgraded. Before going out, you can browse recommend songs Apple Music; and in driving the process, you can use the Maps application in the new "nearby" feature to find restaurants, gas stations or other services.

Smart Tools for Teachers

iPad can be used as an excellent educational tool to use, iOS 9.3 adds some new features to make iPad better serve educational purposes. Classroom application can help teachers develop lesson plans and track student progress. Many students can share an iPad, just use a different login account can see their customized pages. Apple will also launch education ID account, these accounts will be school administrators to create and manage.

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