Photographers and artists see how iPhone / iPad creation.

Apple recently a Chinese official online line "with the iPhone 6 shooting," the page, showing the excellent photo shoot with the iPhone many users, and cited the shooting software they use, to encourage more customers to use iPhone to take pictures.

In fact, there are many artists and photographers dedicated iPhone and iPad with creative and create new styles.

For example, Li Shuo, a continuous exploration of the photographer. When he tried to shoot mobile handsets, mobile process with Longexpo iPhone 6 Plus tracks on the record, and then modified Mextures polish, eventually drawing the general artistic effect. Beijing Hutong those unique and temple architecture, in which the performance of the situation appears to be more flavor.

Shooting tips:

When shooting, the most difficult is not how to get mobile phone vague and not see what the picture is, but worth looking for those looking to shoot even shoot out scene.

I like to roam in the alley, more like those red door and couplets courtyard, under slightly gloomy brick particularly eye-catching. Just a car into the alley shooting, I finished the picture when it enters, but fortunately it did not impede traffic narrow alley.

This picture of the courtyard, in fact, was built next to the ancient Beijing transport coal from the northern mountain trail. Now there have been sparsely populated, but even those building new construction, still retain the traditional style. The most interesting is shaped like a snow footprints on the ground, along the path leading to the distance.

Shooting tips:

ITC is one of Beijing's most prosperous areas, but in the New Year here pedestrian become scarce. I came here in such an evening. Just West Ramp sun rise from the gap between the overpass and shone through, as searchlights generally projected on the sidewalk, while a pedestrian walk so hastily, leaving a long shadow and red posture. Is it a coincidence when shooting, but also the moment I've been waiting for.

I really like the black and white of expression, allowing the picture is more simple, pure, especially suitable for building performance. Du Jiakan passing a particular toll station, where there are just three railway through the huge bridge to let the already wide roads are so small. While I passed under the bridge, lower the window fast shooting, a white car across from the lens, so that the screen much embellishment.

Both old Beijing Hutong, also modern architecture, which so often walking through a kind of sense. This is like a mirror to see pictures like this, would doubt which side is true. This photo is in fact close to the ground to shoot the iPhone, because the tiles are very clean wipe, so reflecting reflection is very clear.

Fang Fang is a freelance artist, 13 years of creation began with the iPad, 14 July invited to Wangfujing flagship visual arts special events. During Chinese New Year, she made a circle of friends "interactive topic," according to the context creative responses painting.

Which, APP painting are mainly used Procreate / Waterlogue two; demo video production uses Procreate and iMovie these two applications.

Works Appreciation:

Writing experience:

The project was conceived and started on the road, which I move a project studio. "Artists are not creative works in a vacuum, you should open the face of different views and status. If you just keep repeating the work in the studio ...... maybe for me it is a waste of time wandering in a different way (there will be disturbed and lost), and reading, as important as watching movies, all my creative source "art. Just to see a young American artist interviews dialogue, which also expressed what I mean. I think this idea online reunion, then launched the "New Year" topic on the micro-channel. Family is very precious, we are looking more broadly Weimang individuals, the network made a new connection for us, this time there are a lot of - you want to draw down slowly to draw it.


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