Apple's next-generation iPhone rumors flying to abandon the culture of secrecy?

[ Abstract ] in the previous generation iPhone market a few months later, usually at the end and the beginning of 1, around February, the next-generation iPhone will be some occasional purely conceptual nature of the message, but this time the basic to the concept of speculation based.

Artesyn Technologies, Sun Ji Zhang Jiang Xu real root May 20 report

Since production yields rise, there are rumors that the next generation iPhone is expected to advance listed in August, from people to verify the real gap between the iPhone and your own imagination as if the day closer.

Meanwhile, rumors about the next generation iPhone also as springing general spewing out.


Next-generation iPhone name, nothing less than the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 two kinds. KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool according to the statement, stressed the importance of upgrading to next-generation iPhone will directly named iPhone 7.


It is said that the shape of the next generation iPhone will be fine-tuned, but overall and iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6 ​​Plus remained the same, the size of conjecture focused on whether there will be four inches models.

Earlier foreign media said the next-generation iPhone will launch three touch screen versions of different sizes, four inches for the mini version, and some even a 4-inch version called iPhone 6C, the recent exposure of the argument is that the next generation iPhone only continuation 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches two models.


Rose from the iPhone is expected to launch a gold version of the news, female users excited, the United States, "Wall Street Journal" also noted that the new color is likely in the next generation of the iPhone officially unveiled.


Previously, iPhone into a "bent" incident, the news that the next generation iPhone will optimize the shell material and interior design, to eliminate the "bent the door."

Citi analysts said Apple Watch 7000 series aluminum alloy used is likely to be used in the next generation iPhone, but its intensity was 60% higher than standard aluminum.


Because Apple and sapphire screen giant GTAT the court, last year rumors iPhone will be powered by a sapphire screen and failed to deliver, with the sapphire technology advances and cost reductions, coupled with Apple Watch have adopted sapphire screen, people on iPhone equipped with sapphire screen full of expectations.

But by the capacity constraints, the next generation iPhone could spend sapphire screen is hard to say.


Market sources said, due to the consistent emphasis on product quality, Apple will eventually A9 processor with 14 nanometer technology to rival Samsung OEM production, due to the lower performance per watt stronger A9, the next generation iPhone's processing speed can 25% increase.

Operating system

The next generation iPhone operating system iOS 9 may be able to unravel the mystery in June WWDC 2015, the current speculation is more like Android iOS 9 in some areas, such as the interface to the notification bar and shortcut buttons to add more from defined functions, and so on.


From the exposure data, the next generation iPhone's RAM capacity will finally reach unanimous choice 2GB, while the minimum capacity version of the iPhone ROM capacity is from the current 16G upgrade to 32GB, to help achieve better performance.


iPhone pixel camera has always been controversial low alleged that Apple is vigorously developing modular camera assembly of the new iPhone, the next generation iPhone will finally step onto million-pixel level, but is an upgrade from the existing 8 million to 12 million or 1400 Wan has not yet conclusive, there is news that the next generation iPhone might adopt dual cameras, and supports optical zoom, the amount of light with more and better quality pictures.

Force Touch Technology

Force Touch technology is regarded as the highlight of the next generation iPhone, Apple has the Apple Watch and Macbook configured Force Touch technology, and users have been affirmed.

Kuo Ming-pool represents the next generation iPhone will also use Force Touch technology, to differentiate the intensity of the operation by identifying the user's finger and the screen size of the contact surface, the sensor directly integrated in-cell display. It is said that carrying the next generation iPhone 3D pressure sensor can be used in conjunction with Apple Watch, precise monitoring of blood pressure and pulse and other health data.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging gradually become hot words, this generation iPhone also inevitably on the wireless charging of conjecture, since Apple Watch takes a closer form of wireless charging, some people think that the next generation iPhone possibility of using a similar design to increase.

The iPhone broke the news over the years what law?

Public concern for the next generation iPhone, enthusiastic every year, and every year the scientific community similar to the "New iPhone leaked news" kind of news is the most caught the eye. However, this rumor among countless rumors, do not fly fly usually mixed together news, it is difficult to identify true or false.Artesyn Technologies summed up the new iPhone leaked news of the law in general.

Usually Apple conference will be held in about a year's September release of the next generation iPhone. For all kinds of rumors and news of new iPhone, generally closer to the conference time is relatively more reliable. The law generally as follows:

1. In the previous generation iPhone market a few months later, usually at the end and the beginning of 1, around February, the next-generation iPhone will be some occasional purely conceptual nature of the message, such as in 2012 before the release of iPhone 5, there was a video He said the new iPhone will be equipped with similar holographic projection and laser projection keyboard and other cool features, of course, these were later confirmed just speculation. In general, the news out of the credibility of this period a new generation of iPhone is not high, the concept of speculation based.

2. From the 3, beginning in April, began to have a variety of fragmentary news came from the supply chain and foundries, usually some parts of the message of a new generation of iPhone. These generally fall into the corners information about such 2013 April components have iPhone 5s message appears, Home key if the owner of a fingerprint recognition function and so on.

Such information is generally reliable and sometimes amazing, and the final release of the iPhone highly consistent. But also because this time, with the gradual promotion of public attention, some media will start to be guesswork, speculation such as hardware upgrades and more. A typical example is the camera pixel upgrade of speculation, almost every year we will guess the next iPhone at the meeting ten million pixel camera, but the end result was not as people would like.

3 to 5, in June began a large number of model diagram appears in Figure rendered even real machine spy map. This time all the news was beginning to fly up, with the support of a large number of pictures, suggesting that the major media and analysts are beginning to be accurate up.

For example, in May last year or so we begin to have the model map and rendered the emergence of a large number of iPhone 6, while there are many well-known analysts have given a lot of accurate predictions.

4. to one or two months before the conference, which is 7, around August, this time all the news leaked out is more evidence of the role. To probably look like this time next iPhone as well as the main features of the basic conclusion already, all the news and forecast are basically accurate.

In addition, in recent years there is a notable law: iPhone leaked intelligence more and more from China, to iPhone 6 as an example, back in May there is the media broke the renderings, 6 July iPhone multiple intelligence almost all from social media, a record of the account named @ Rui continuous burst of various real machine irreparably, including video and other real machine running, almost let the iPhone 6 no mystery.

Which iPhone broke strong?

The news about the new generation iPhone, we must mention that several news sources, several news sources in the past generations of iPhone release before the release of alarming predictions often accurate:

1. Kuo pool

Kuo Ming-pool can be said to be an Apple broke the great God, and his company from Taiwan KGI has accurately predicted many times in a variety of characteristics of the new generation of the iPhone.

For example, in April last year, he pointed out that the iPhone and accurate resolution of 6 power button will move to the side, and equipped with NFC and the like. The analyst's reputation is so high that Apple broke a summary of major foreign sites and ultimately his presence.

2. broke the little guy Sonny Dickson

The young man broke the news broke into public view in the summer of 2013, when he released a large number of 5s 5c and the real machine diagram. Also in May next year on the iPhone real machine broke a lot of Fig.

He was allegedly the source of information is employee of Apple in China, and he by Sina has access to information sources to communicate with those on the microblogging. He also said he was once spent $ 250 to buy an iPhone 5c after shell from informants place.

3. Junior Cock wire editor Mark Gurman

Junior students from the University of Michigan's Mark Gurman is an exclusive whistleblowers, broke the news of Apple's special variety of products. Because of its extremely accurate forecast, he can from the current annual injection 9to5Mac.com these broke up a six-figure reward Web sites.

"His role is equivalent to the genius of the data analyst Nate • Silver (Nate Silver, who in the 2012 US presidential election accurately predicted the election results 50 states) to" the importance of the New York Times, "the same as in We in Silicon Valley people's eyes, he is a news sign. "Technology blog site Recode senior correspondent, co-founder of Kara • Swisher (Kara Swisher) says.

Apple's culture of secrecy has not changed change is confidential environment

Perhaps in recent years frequently been blasting iPhone gives such an illusion: Apple do the run kept secret?

In fact not the case. "Jonathan • Ivy: The genius behind Apple's great products," a book author Carney said that Apple's security work done grueling proportions. Employees often be a threat, if any clues leak, will lose their jobs immediately.

"This feels Alexander confidentiality requirements, like being someone held a gun to the forehead, like, you have a mistake, it may suffer a shot." The book records the complain a previous work at Apple engineers.

From this we can see, how terror is Apple's culture of secrecy, and entered into the Cook era, Apple still has taken many measures to strengthen secrecy. This emphasis on secrecy, as always, never change.

However, this is no egg to use, for the following two reasons, even if Apple's strict secrecy, it is difficult to curb broke the news:

1. Supply chain increasingly large, too many stakeholders

Apple With the expansion of production, the supply chain has become very large, the company and the world's more than 200 suppliers to sign a cooperation agreement to a formula involving the number of outsourcing production has more than 100 million people, how could Apple have to cover all The lips of it?

2. The rise of social media, broke the news very easy

With Facebook , Twitter and other social networks as well as from the rise of the media, everyone can become whistleblowers, information accessibility so that secrecy is no longer as it used to be easy.

"Leaked product becomes very easy, because your phone can take pictures." Messier said, "workers will be able to shoot a good picture in a few seconds and upload them to the Internet, even if their actions were discovered photographs, caught when they have been too late. "

Seen in this light, as notable a company of this size, the face of the world, want to live in the new Conservative secret that Apple really is beyond their grasp.


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