iPhone 6s body or the liquid metal material with high strength and durability

iPhone7 update according to foreign media broke the news that Apple has started to design the next generation of mobile phone iPhone 7! Just as usual, under a new mobile phone name is likely to be called iPhone 6s! According to the forecast, iPhone 6s in the third quarter of 2015, like 5 and 5s, like in appearance and 6 / 6P similar, but introduced a new sense of unknown function more vigorous, watching all a little excited!

At first glance look, 6s and iPhone 6 / 6P little different, just bought the iPhone seemed relieved Friends 6.
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In fact, there is the universe inside iPhone 6s! All kinds of new designs every minute black & Friends lets buy next 6 regret it!

iPhone 6s body or the liquid metal material with high strength and durability, and Apple has the exclusive right to use the liquid metal in the Andrews machine is never find this process. Liquid metal body can well avoid the disadvantages of the current iPhone 6Plus prone to bending, smashing walnuts no problem!

Screen is also scratch without spending! 6s will be equipped than the current iPhone 6 Plus larger touch screen, and will use the latest sapphire screen.

Cancel Classic Home button
Touch ID fingerprint recognition embedded design will be used, and the classic Home key will be canceled. Increasing the size of the touch screen without affecting the phone volume. Full-screen mode, the layout of the four function buttons, virtual and physical bond.

Home key area after the transformation, 6s screen looks a lot bigger! NOTE Samsung Series was suspended or beaten to clean!

21 million pixel camera
iPhone 6s will be possible to use Sony's next-generation sensor Exmor RS IMX230, over 8 million pixel camera will be upgraded to 21 million pixels. Built-in dual lens system "two-lens system".

In simple terms, it is to make iPhone 6s shoot to SLR quality proofs in line, directly after the SLR makes when!

Photo capacity increases, iPhone 6s naturally may also introduce higher storage capacity of 256GB version!
Built-in projector, battery charge 2 days
iPhone 6s may be built-in projectors, similar to the previous Samsung GALAXY Beam of the capabilities. With this projector technology also need to worry about black power, 6s as well as new battery technology that dramatically improves the performance of battery life, two days a duly filled properly.

Summary: 6s 6 more than worth buying!
Can hit walnut super liquid metal body, sapphire screen; after the transformation Home button visible area becomes larger, crisper screen experience; 21 million pixel camera lets you forget SLR is valid; built-in projector is simply loaded to force weapon, two Tianyi charge is not a dream, could not find any reason to buy a kidney 6

If the iPhone 6 is such a non-frame design, the camera is also incorporated into the body do not protrude so, sales could rise at least 3 percent!

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