Apple released iOS 8.4 Beta 3: Repair music features

SINA Mobile News May 12 morning news, Apple's push to developers today, the third beta version of iOS 8.4, iOS 8.4 from the second beta release two weeks apart. Meanwhile, Apple also to participate in the beta program users push a second beta of iOS 8.4.

In early April, after the release of iOS 8.3 official version, iOS 8.4 tested since mid-April.The Beta 3 version is 12H4098c, previous beta users can OTA upgrade, or to download the iOS Developer Center. In addition, Apple also released to developers Xcode 6.4 Beta 3.

iOS 8.4 is the biggest change is the addition of a new music application, with a new design, more intuitive photo shows singer. At the same time the new music application also provides a new Mini player, and the redesign of the "Now Playing." Join personalized playlists and global search capabilities, as well as newly designed iTunes radio.

According update instructions, iOS 8.4 Beta 3 fixes a number of problems, the music application is more stable, but there are still some to be repaired content. Siri can not control such as iTunes radio, AirPlay stream may be interrupted, Home Sharing and Genius Mixes are not available, and some steady line problems.

It is reported that Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC will be held in early June, will likely be released iOS 9, so iOS 8.4 could be the final version of iOS 8. Meanwhile, Apple also will introduce Beats-based music streaming service.

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