The latest iPhone 7 concept tushang

After the news that this year Apple will skip iPhone 6s immediate release iPhone 7, rumors about the iPhone 7 of this after minority.

Recently, the designer Martin Hajek binding iPhone-related rumors 7 design a conceptual diagram of the machine, let's look at it.

The designer's conceptual renderings overall style is closer iPhone 6, allegedly the figure for the iPhone 7 Apple may increase the screen size, and reduce its borders.

From the figure of view, this iPhone 7 uses a dual-lens design, supplemented by flash. It is estimated that it will be improved in order to reflect a camera and taking pictures.

Rendering also shows, Touch ID fingerprint sensor disposed below the screen, it's still the position of the Home key.

In addition, the designer also iPhone earpiece 7, Face Time camera and a distance sensor moved to the top.

Appearance, figure iPhone 7 after the shell with a loop antenna design, eliminating the iPhone 6 of "white." .

In addition, we also find that compared to iPhone 6, on the border of the aircraft's obviously a lot shorter.

The body should still use metal.

As for speakers, power button and volume keys, the machine is consistent with the previous generation, as a whole is very beautiful.

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