Sources said the new iPhone will be equipped with 12 million pixel camera

August 28 morning news, according to US technology blog 9to5mac reported, sources familiar with the matter, Apple will provide iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is equipped with 12 million pixel camera, it will be since the company's 2011 launch of iPhone 4S first upgrade the camera pixels.

12 million pixel camera means that these two new iPhone models will be able to shoot more, higher resolution photos. The source said that as part of the new A9 chip systems, graphical signal processor will be upgraded, so the new camera sensor does not degrade the picture quality.

In addition to upgrading the back of the camera, Apple also has decided to make a major upgrade to iPhone video recording capabilities, began to support 4K video recording. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be the first to support 4K resolution video recording capabilities of iPhone models, but also among the market's first smart phone equipped with such a function of. Previously, Samsung had launched in early 2014 to support 4K video recording capability Galaxy S5.

4K video recording capability benefits include compatible with the latest television sets, as well as conducive to stability and sharpness enhancement to post-production. And for Apple, the company is likely will support this feature as one of marketing selling the new iPhone.

The source also revealed that the front FaceTime camera, the new iPhone will also make a significant improvement. In addition to upgrading the sensor to support higher-quality video calls and self-timer function other than Apple also added support for the new front flash iPhone. While some industry observers had speculated, iOS 9 operating system's internal code indicates that Apple's new iPhone will be equipped with a front LED flash, but sources disclosed that is not the case. The reality is that the new iPhone display will follow Snapchat and Photo Booth, flashing in front of the camera when the user presses the shutter button. In addition, the positive panorama shooting and slow-motion video 720P may also landed in front of the camera of the new iPhone this fall.

9to5mac had previously reported that Apple has been in the new iPhone this year to upgrade and test 4K video recording capabilities, which previously from the supply chain's report also indicates that the new iPhone may be equipped with 12 million pixel camera. It is not clear the new models will be equipped with a natural 12 million pixel sensor, or for the purpose of digital image stabilization modified 13 million pixel sensor.

In addition to the future of the front and back of the camera upgrade, the new iPhone will be equipped with Force Touch display, an enhanced user interface to support similar to Apple Watch Smart Watch animated wallpaper, higher faster A9 processor equipped with efficiency and high-pass mobile chips.

Apple's product launch will be held in San Francisco on September 9, when the company is expected to announce the launch of the new iPhone, it will also release the next generation Apple TV set-top boxes.

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