WWDC 2016 Apple iOS 10 debut Ten update!

1  Lock screen and notification, auto light up the screen, and support for the quick reply notification message preview lock screen, you can use a key to clear the message notification 3D Touch function. In addition, the right slide lock screen to open the camera, so taking pictures more convenient.
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2  Siri, open to developers, to do more things in the future be completed by the micro-channel, drops a taxi, Alipay and other third-party applications, some of the features.

3  QuickTime, support long statement forecast, in certain context Siri can be recommended location, phone, things, restaurants, supports multi-language switch without the need to go to the keyboard.

4  Photo, support sort the photos based on location, time, and support for native facial recognition. Apple has repeatedly stressed that the local recognition, emphasis on the protection of privacy.

5  The map is open to developers, with a new design, the slide can be given advice from the bottom, for example, you want to go.

6  Music, new design, more simple and beautiful, can be sorted by artist, album, song type, and user preferences, and support the lyrics display and control panel.

7  News, displays some relevant information based on browsing history, subscription support, support the new breaking news notifications.

8  Homekit into Home applications, such as for household lamps, curtains and air conditioning settings. Say good morning to Siri, Siri can be set to various aspects of the state of the morning, and thanks to Home applications, remote door and turn on the water bath will be possible. In addition to the iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch also Home embedded applications.

9  Telephone, Yellow Pages telephone support, can automatically identify the type of phone that supports third-party APP phone.

10  Information, open to developers, support rapid response, and full-screen handwriting, small face three times larger, can be directly related to the text as a variable expression. In addition, when you have to speak loudly when the information display can be larger, while softly spoken fonts can be smaller, if more personal topics, information can blur, and then view the slide.

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