How to Transfer Contacts from Nexus 4/5 to iPhone 6/6S

Android always create a big phone, a huge screen, which is the consistent tradition of the Android series.

Nexus 4/5 is no exception. Compared with Nexus 4/5, iPhone 6/6S also has a biggish screen. The iPhone 6S is an elegantly crafted device with a fantastic camera and user-friendly operation system.

Though you are a loyal to Android, I think you can not say for sure that you never use iPhone. Just like me, when Apple released iPhone 6/6S/Plus, both the bigger screen and more excellent hardware made my heart beating fast. Then I bought an iPhone 6S, if you also want to switch from old Google Nexus 4/5 to the new iPhone 6/6S, the most troublesome but should be the most preferred to be processed issue
must be migration.

Well, it must be strongly recommend a software that is Mobile Transfer. In the transfer of data, there is no doubt that Mobile Transfer is very professional. It can transfer your contacts, SMS, photos, music and more between Android, Symbian, WinPhone and iOS devices. In addition, the program has the function of backup & restore phone data.


The following article will guide you how to transfer your contacts from Nexus 4/5 to iPhone 6/6S:

Steps to Transfer Contacts from Nexus 4/5 to iPhone 6/6S

Step 1. Run Mobile Trans and Choose the Mode

Download, install and launch Mobile Trans, then you'll see the main window with its 4 functions. Select and click the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect your devices

When the program enter next interface, you can connect your Nexus and iPhone to computer via USB cables. Please note that Nexus is on the left and iPhone is on the right. If you reverse them, just click the button "Flip" to change them.

Step 3.
Select the contents and Transfer them

After the program recognize your devices, you can tick the contents what you want to transfer. Now tick the box "Contacts" and if necessary, you can tick them all, then click "Start Copy" to transfer. Then the process will last a few moments, please be patient and keep the USB cables is stable.

By the way, Mobile Trans works with more than 3 thousands phone including Droid, Symbian (Nokia), and all models of iPhones, including the newest iOS 9 devices. So, no matter what the phone's data, Mobile Trans are able to transfer

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