iPhone iOS 9 is how to make more energy-efficient?

Apple on iOS 9 added two battery enhanced mode, first, iPhone and iPad to the latest iOS upgrade after 9, the battery life will be increased by one hour. This is done using sensor control screen when your phone screen down on the table and remains closed, even if there is a new push notification messages.
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On the other hand, in the iOS 9 new low-power mode, an additional three hours of battery life. How is this possible? Low-power mode can be manually opened in the settings, while when the battery is below 20%, the system will prompt you to turn on low-power mode.

Low-power mode by reducing the screen brightness, turn off the sensor and push email notification, and shorten the screen sleep time, and turn off background refresh. Apple said low power mode additional 3 hours of battery life.

However, for Android users, the low-power mode is not a new feature. Many Android phones offer a power-saving mode by turning off some of the features to extend battery life.(How to install iOS 9 On iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

On Samsung Galaxy S6, the power saving mode to reduce CPU speed, screen brightness and refresh rate, and the next super power-saving mode, the screen changed to gray scale display, and also disables several applications. Android 5.0 comes with the power-saving mode is turned off the phone's vibration, slow performance and stop the application of synchronized and updated, Google said the feature can increase the battery life of 90 minutes for the Android devices.

By saving mode to extend battery life, for iOS users is a new experience. Prior to this, a lot of iPhone users are using clip battery to increase life.

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