iPhone lost Beware "Official Mail" cheat ID Password

Recently, the Guangzhou public Wang's iPone5s phone is lost, and soon he received Apple The company's "official email", reminding him to determine his phone's location, you can lock the phone after entering the account number and password, but requires the operator after he was found by fools. Police investigations revealed that this is a new scam, after criminals through illegal channels to get the iPhone, Apple official by sending false information to steal the victim's e-mail or mobile phone ID, in order to achieve unlocking, renovated and then sold to the phone.

Said the case: When the phone is lost, Apple's official website sent a warning e-mail?

The evening of May 13, Wang and his friends, drinking period, a friend sent to numerous liquor Wang taxi, after arriving home, Wang found himself iPhone5s lost cell phone. The next day he called the taxi company's telephone consultation, but did not find the phone. Wang no hope to find the cell phone, then re-bought a cell phone, and retroactive back to the original number.

After a lapse of one week, she lost phone suddenly had "audio." May 21, the new phone to receive a message to let Wang lifted the spirit. The message reads: IPone your lost device is activated forced landing, the system has positioned the exact location, see IP: 106.11 ...... Go http://www.icloud-vid.com/id view details and locking device!

Wang opened the link to see the page you need to enter the Apple ID and password to find "My IPHone", when he was found not log password. A day later, Wang has received a letter of Apple's "official message", the e-mail alert Wang, his iPhone "Logging in to activate the system has positioned the exact location, such as non-own operations or equipment has been lost, please Now go to the official website link below to view details and locking device! "The message promised locking is successful, Apple's staff in seven working days and Wang, and assisted Wang retrieve phone.

Wang log on to the site, enter a password, but also found unable to sign in, then Wang realized that this "official website" problem. He immediately dialed Apple's official customer service, the result was told that Apple has no one service, the other also advised him not to fill in the user name and password. Then Wang suddenly realized immediately log on the official website of the real change the phone password.

After the original iPhone, illegally obtained Brush to fill the original owner Apple ID and password. After Wang's phone is lost, the suspect should be illegal Brush, need Wang original password, this false information and send e-mail to fish for passwords. Only Wang's ID and password to usurp before they can unlock the iPhone, if the phone is successfully unlocked, it can be refurbished when two mobile phones sold, or accessories in addition to the demolition point outside it is no use.

Police advise: recognize Apple Web site to identify phishing e-mail

Police advise, beware of email scams iPhone method is actually very simple, just to identify what the URL is not apple.com/ or icloud.com/. Because Apple's official website only www.apple.com/ and www.icloud.com/. If the URL does not end apple.com/ or icloud.com/ are false, for example: http: //www.apple.id.pw-apple.com/.

In addition, if Apple's mobile phone users on the uncertain authenticity of the sites, enter the password, be sure to log on right now Apple official website of Apple ID password change. Need to be reminded that mobile phone users must ensure the security of the iPhone ID and password, even if the phone is not lost, but leaked ID and password, can also cause icloud cloud backed up data was leaked, criminals can also remotely means steal or erase all the phone content.

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