Optimize the user experience iOS 9 crushing small features inventory system

iOS 9 provides several important functions, such as split-screen iPad multitasking mode, optimizing search and Siri, as well as performance improvements and so on. However, there are some quite interesting little upgrade will also allow the user to optimize the experience of iOS 9.
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The following is those little features inventory less noticeable on this version of the system.

1 Set Search

In the "Settings", iOS 9 provides a search function. Users can quickly find a setting or option you want by entering a keyword. For example, if you want to enter the Siri settings, you can simply search for "Siri" can be. All settings options for Siri will appear in the list.

2 new "return" button

Click the notification or Safari user opens a new application when you connect. Currently, users can through the new "Go Back" button to return to the previous application. The upper left corner of "Go Back" button will be displayed for about 1 minute, then disappear. Therefore, if the user just want to find out about a new open application, you can quickly switch between applications.

3 Battery Set

In iOS settings 9, Apple offers a special battery settings, the user can open a low-power mode therein. Moreover, it will also display the battery power more specific information, including sorting by application of electricity consumption. After opening the low-power mode, the background task, the screen effects and animated wallpapers are disabled. For Apple Watch, iOS devices, and other connected devices, such as Bluetooth headset, battery information will also appear in the notification center.(How to Regain Lost Data from iPhone after iOS Upgrade)

4 "Find My Friends / iPhone"

"Find My Friends" and "Find My iPhone" has become the default application iOS 9 will be installed automatically. Previously, users need to download those applications to install from the App Store. "Find My Friends" can be added to the notification center, which track your friends' locations.

5 iPad application folder

iPad Applications folder to display the current arrangement in accordance with 4x4 application, rather than a conventional 3x3 arrangement. This can be displayed on a screen in more applications. Since one folder up to 15, so far the total number of applications in a folder can accommodate reached 240, higher than the previous 135.

6 Self-timer with an independent folder

iOS 9 photo application for the self-timer and screen shots provide a new folder. "Self" folder aggregation through the front camera photographs, and "screenshots" folder provided by the system comes with screen capture function to capture pictures. This change is not big, but it will help users better manage self-timer and screenshots.

7 Family Sharing

Family about music sharing feature was removed in iOS 8.4, when Apple introduced a new music application and Apple Music Service. However, in iOS 9, this function again return.

8 Keyboard adjustment

Shift function again be adjusted, which help users more easily determine the caps lock is activated. After pressing Shift, all the letters on the keyboard will be displayed in uppercase. And after Shift is closed, all the letters will become lowercase. On the iPad, iOS 9's keyboard provides two new editing controls and finger gestures, so the keyboard becomes touchpad.

9 Hand off

Application switching tools Handoff functionality is moved to the bottom of the application to switch the page. Previously, Handoff function will be displayed in the application in a revolving door. In the lock screen screen display related applications App Store in iOS 9 Handoff function is deleted, but still displays the installed applications.

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